Does running reduce stress? Here’s everything you need to know about it

Stress is a part of everyone’s life. One should know how to deal with stress. It is said that indulging in any physical activity can reduce stress. However, can running do the same?
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In today’s time, escaping from stress is nearly impossible. All we can do is try to control and manage stress in the right way. Stress due to work, family, health etc. are common now. However, it is very important to manage this stress before it takes a troll on your physical as well as mental health. For those of you who are stressed and want to keep your mind mentally healthy, its time to get yourself out and indulge in some physical activity. 


Stress and Running

Any physical activity can make you feel better, but most people choose running. Running has been a stress reducer for a lot of people. Running has physical as well as psychological benefits. 

Running can help you shed as many as 100 calories per mile and aids in lowering your blood pressure. Regular runners are less likely to have bone and muscle loss. These are few physical benefits of running. Let’s look at it from the psychological point of view. Stress can be acute as well as long-term. It deteriorates your mental health and leaves you with negative effects. Most of your systems like brain, lungs, heart, digestive and immune system are affected by stress. The symptoms of chronic stress are even worse.

Running can help you deal with these problems. Research says that running gives you a set amount of time to be alone with your thoughts. Regular runners claim that they live a happier and stress-free life than people around them. Running helps to release endorphins – the feel good hormones of our body. These hormones help to relieve stress, slow down the aging process, prevent anxiety and enhance the immune system. 


Running will give you the opportunity to clear your mind and feel much better about yourself. It will detoxify your body of stress related compounds. You can stick to any physical activity and live a stress-free life. It is important to get out, refresh your mind and give your body a break from work. 

Tips to keep in mind:

  • Run for at least 15 minutes every day. 
  • Start with walking and then build-up.
  • With running, stick to a healthy diet too. 

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