Does your dog have a specific personality as per his breed? Find out

Like humans, dogs also have different personalities based on their breeds. Their personality shows seven definite traits in their nature. Here’s how to understand your dog’s personality.
Does your dog have a specific personality as per his breed? Find out
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Humans are different from each other as they have their own personality. But do dogs have their own personality? Well, according to researchers, dogs learn to communicate with humans in different ways and they also seek for company, shelter and food like humans. Based on that, they develop certain characteristics.


Dogs have different nature like some are friendly or caring or temperamental or gentle. But do dogs have their own personality based on its breed? Yes, and seven traits have been found in a dog’s personality. Read below to know them. 


Dogs personality and their traits.


Reactivity: That’s how a dog reacts to new surrounding and objects. 

Fearfulness: This is how a dog expresses his fear and what makes him scared.

Activity: How dogs enjoy exercises.

Sociability: This is how they get friendly with other animals and people.

Training: How they learn different things.

Submissiveness: This is how a dog is willing to take its place in the pecking order. 

Aggression: This is how a dog gets angry and what makes it aggressive.


How to understand your dog’s personality? 

There are different ways of understanding your dog’s personality. If you pay keen attention to his behaviour then you can notice several good and bad traits in him. Those all point towards having a different and individual personality. Understanding this fact also defines you as a good dog owner. Because when your dog is sick, he won’t behave in the normal way as he does. So, you can understand quickly if something is wrong with your pet as you have been watching him closely for several months. 


Knowing your dog’s personality also helps you to react properly to his sudden changes in behaviour. It also helps you to train your dog properly based on his personality traits.


Do dog trainers understand their personality?

It’s very important to understand a dog’s personality for the trainers. Because dogs are like human individuals with their own temperament, likes and dislikes. So, they, first, need to understand their strengths and weaknesses. For example, if they don’t like other animals then why. Based on his personality traits a trainer begins his training. 


Different personalities based on dog breeds

There are differences in personality amongst dogs as per their breeds:

Herding dogs (Border Collie, German Shepherd): Highly active and intelligent and they need constant stimulation. 

Gun dogs (Cocker Spaniel, Golden Retriever): They have certain similarities with the herding dogs. These dogs are mostly happy when surrounded by family. 

Hounds (GreyHound, Whippet): A bit aloof, hound dogs are the best family pets who always like cuddles and sleep. But they are very gentle dogs. 

Terriers (Bedlington, Jack Russell): Some of the key features of this breed are cleaver, stubborn, independent and always have a tenacity. 

Working Dogs (Rottweiler, Mastiff): Working dogs are stubborn and highly intelligent and they can often dominate their owners even. 

Utility Dogs (Poodle, Schnauzer): They are the quick thinkers and very loyal who make a great family pet. But these dogs can sometimes be very manipulative.


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