Does your life partner hate your pet? Here's what you can do

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Does your life partner hate your pet? Here's what you can do
Does your life partner hate your pet? Here's what you can do

Pet parents often believe that their furry pals are much like their very own kids. After all, they’ve probably reared the animal for years and deeply bonded with it. So whether you have a cat, a puppy, a rabbit, or even a bird at home, introducing the apple of your eye to your lover can be a tricky task as there could be scope for various disagreements. Right from your partner not getting along with your pet, to having animal dander allergies or even being jealous of the attention and love you willingly shower on your pet; many conflicts can arise. 


In case you’ve experienced such strife because your pet and your spouse haven’t started off on the right foot, then you are probably worried about the future of your relationship. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean it is time to break up with your significant other. Neither must you think of rehoming your furry friend. Simply use these tips to strengthen the bond your spouse has with your canine.


  1. Acquaint your partner with the house rules for your pet

The ideal case is one where you are in love with a person who adores animals and wishes to bond with your pet. However, this may not always be the case. So it is up to you to gradually acquaint your lover with your dog or cat in a way that they are not threatened by the animal. A great place to begin is by discussing boundaries and house rules for the canine, as every home has different rules for its pets. 


While some pet parents readily allow their cat on their couch, in other homes letting the dog on the bed may be against the rules. You must communicate these values with your life partner so that the two of you are on the same page. 

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  1. Try and resolve conflict by planning activities together

In case your dog has been growling constantly at your boyfriend, they probably fear your pet. Similarly, if your cat or bird tends to claw at your partner, they are put in an uncomfortable position, where they could get hurt. In order to resolve such issues, you can plan activities for your significant other and your pet where they can spend quality time together. This is primarily because doing things together often relieves the pressure of a situation so both parties can relax. 


Choose an activity that your dog loves, such as a walk in the park, schedule playtime for your cat and your boyfriend. You may even ask your partner to feed your birds or your rabbits as it can help them bond. Make sure you are present at such times to control your pet if the situation gets out of hand.

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  1. Consider asking an expert to mediate

If you are in a committed relationship, but can’t see your dog getting along with your lover despite your best efforts, it may be time to seek professional help. A canine behaviourist or dog trainer can help your puppy or your kitten be more mannerly around your loved one.


When you bring home a defenseless animal, your pet becomes your responsibility for the extent of their natural life. Hence it is critical that you avoid rehoming your pet and instead, sail the choppy waters of your relationship to ensure that your partner and your pet eventually get along exceptionally well.

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