Does your pet need therapy for his behavioural problems? Find out

Cats or dogs may have certain bad habits. But when they get harmful for you and other people, then your pet may need a therapist for the behavioural problems. Here’s what you should know about it.
Does your pet need therapy for his behavioural problems? Find out
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Does your dog or cat have any bad habits? Your pet is not alone in this. Many pets may have some behavioural problems. If the habits become dangerous for you and others, then your pet needs therapy. But before consulting a pet behaviour professional, you should always first talk to your vet.

Because there might be any underlying health issues for which your dog or cat is behaving in a different way. So, they need to be treated. There are certain common behaviour issues in cats and dogs for which they may need therapy.

When to consult a pet behaviour therapist for your cats and dogs?


Your pet can be aggressive for various reasons- he is protective of his family, or possessive of his foods, toys or beds or he feels to be dominant. Showing teeth, charging, growling, barking, snapping, nipping, biting, snarling etc. are their signs of showing aggression. Going for a walk actually makes some dogs highly alert and aggressive. So, for that, therapy or growl classes are really beneficial. In this session, two or four dogs with their trainers are put in a controlled situation. And the dogs get to socialize with each other under strict supervision.

An aggressive cat may bite or scratch. Some of its signs of aggression are hissing, growling, staring etc. Some cats also don’t like to be petted for a long time. So, they may push your hand with its claws. In such cases also, if you can’t find the reason for its aggressiveness, then consulting a therapist may help you out.


Anxiety is another behaviour problem of your pets that can occur from being left alone or any changes in its place. Animals can show anxiety in several ways. Dogs generally pant and whine when they are having anxiety. And cats may hide or do meowing a lot. Some pets even lick themselves a lot during anxiety. If you can’t stop this at all, then take your furry friend to a therapist.

If your dog bored?

If you tend to work for long hours keeping your dog alone at home for a long time, then he may get bored without proper mental and physical stimulation. So, try to spend more time with your pet and take him for a walk frequently. But if he is extremely afraid to stay alone, then talk to a pet behaviour therapist.

If your cat is bothered?

Cat’s behavioural issues are mostly associated with the litter box problem. They might get bothered when you move or change his litter box. So, you may take him to a therapist to get to the root of this behavioural problem.

Sometimes, your pets may need to be put on medications to cure high-anxiety in them. The medications will relax them and make them comfortable to ease the behavioural changes.

DISCLAIMER: It’s always advisable consulting your vet first regarding the behavioural issues of your pets.

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