Dog’s Menstruation: How to manage the estrus cycles of your pet?

If you are a first-time dog pet owner, then having proper knowledge about dog’s periods is one of the most important things. You should know how to handle your pet’s estrus cycles. Read on to know more.

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Dog’s Menstruation: How to manage the estrus cycles of your pet?
Dog’s Menstruation: How to manage the estrus cycles of your pet?

If you are thinking to nurture a dog, then you have to be prepared for several things. And one of the most important of them is the dog’s menstruation or estrus cycles. Female dog’s menstruation doesn’t occur like humans; their pattern is different. So, when you are bringing a dog to have as a pet, then you should know and be ready for their estrus cycle as well.

So, here’s a guide for you to have knowledge about the entire thing like dog’s estrus cycle, when they go into heat, physical changes before getting menstruation, how to manage everything, etc. Read on to know all these things below.

How to manage a dog’s periods?

Estrus Cycle

A female dog gets her sexual maturity at the age of six months and at this stage, they get their heat or estrus cycle. First, their estrogen levels increase vigorously and then decrease, after which their ovaries release eggs. Estrus cycles lasts generally for three weeks, but they can vary between two and four.

Generally, they get their estrus when they are six months old, often it may vary and then they may get it at the age of four months as well. Bigger dogs may get it when they are almost two years of age. It is advisable to wait until she gets her third estrus cycle to get her breeding.

Signs that she is having estrus cycle

There will be certain physical and behavioural changes when she will have her estrus cycle. The signs are as follows:

More frequent urination.

Blood-tinged discharge with a swollen vulva.

Nervous and distracted.

Receptive to make dogs.

Signs of initiating sexual contact (flagging).

How to manage dog’s estrus cycles?

When they are menstruating, get her diapers for the discharge. There are different types of nappies available. Some types are as follows:

Reusable diapers.

Disposable diapers.

Full-body dog diapers.

But it is always advisable to use the reusable ones as they are washable. Also, always consult the veterinarian as they will help you to manage the dogs in the correct manner.

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2 years ago
Huh?? Your first pet and you're thinking of breeding her? Truly this can't be the author's intent?! I thought it was going to be from the perspective that you may need to go through one heat to allow for her body's development before the spay process. Dumb article.
1 year ago
Rude. I’m about to adopt a senior dog who is too old to spay. This information is very helpful to me.