Earth Day 2021: 5 Ways to restore the Earth and combat climate change

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 around the world and it is marked by significant changes that are essential for saving the planet and restoring its wildlife. On this day, let us take a vow to save the planet by following these 5 simple steps, check it out.
Earth Day Earth Day 2021: 5 Ways to restore the Earth and combat climate change
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Abiding by the theme of this year that is ‘Restore Our Earth’, let us do our bit to save the planet and find ways to preserve the environment. Celebrated every year on April 22, it is observed to create awareness around the environment and how human activities have endangered the many species of this world and thus made a huge impact on our planet leading to a global crisis. 

Protecting our planet starts from within, it is a conscious effort that one needs to make in order to bring change and order to the world. On this Earth Day, we are here to talk about few ways to restore the planet earth and combat climate change. Here are 5 ways you can reduce your impact on the planet and restore the earth and its wilderness.

Plant a tree

Planting trees can be the most important thing to do in order to save the planet and conserve the environment. It is highly beneficial as trees provide a lot more oxygen and food. They help in absorbing carbon dioxide and providing clean air.

Switch to solar energy

One of the best things to do to help restore the planet is to switch to solar or thermal energy.  Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the sun that is converted into thermal and it is the most abundant renewable energy. 

Reduce fish consumption

Overfishing due to the high demand for fish by consumers is one of the greatest cause of climate change similar to overconsumption of meat as well. Overfishing can lead to the destruction of the food chain of marine life and thus, emptying the oceans which can lead to several catastrophic events. Without the oceans, the planet cannot survive. 

Switch to bicycles for commuting short distances

One of the easiest change you can bring to your life in order to restore the planet is by reducing carbon emissions. Vehicles release a lot of carbon emissions into the environment which is harmful to the planet. Switching to bicycles will solve that problem and it will induce fitness as well. 

Practice minimalism

Last but not least, bringing minimalism into our lives is the best way to reduce our impact on the planet. Minimalism simply means owning less stuff and only the item that you need or support your purpose. It is intentionally buying less stuff and living with the things that are necessary.

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