EASY and EFFECTIVE ways to beat the winter blues and feel active and happy

Winter blues are a common phenomenon that comes with the dark and chilly weather and can make you feel low and depressed. Try these 5 ways to beat the seasonal depression and uplift your mood.
EASY and EFFECTIVE ways to beat the winter blues and feel active and happy
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Winters can make you feel anxious and depressed for no reason. The shorter days and longer, quieter nights can make you feel dark and dreary. Moreover, once the festivities of New Year’s and Christmas are over, you might feel anti-climactic and purposeless.

This depression and anxiety that comes with the winter season is known as winter blues. It can make you feel low and lazy. At such times, all you want to do is crawl back in your comforting bed and snuggle up in the blanket. But most of the time, this is not possible. So we have for you some simple ways to deal with the winter blues and get your mojo back.

Stay active

Keep moving to combat depression and anxiety. Go for a walk, or play a sport or dance to your heart’s content in your room. Doing physical activity is an effective way to prevent depression and instantly uplift your mood.


In winters, the laziness can compel you to stay in bed all day. But make an effort to interact with people and stay connected with your friends. Plan an outing or a video chat with them and you are sure to feel better and lighter in their company.

Soak in the natural light

The dark and dreary winters can be too much at times, so soak in the daylight by going out for morning walks or sitting in your balcony while working from home to indulge in light therapy. 


Eat comforting foods like chocolate or warm and piping hot soup to improve your mood and relax. Drink a cup of hot cocoa to enjoy the chilly weather and not let the winter blues pull you down.

Have a routine

Resist the urge to be in bed all day and have a daily routine. Stick to a sleep schedule and make a list of the tasks you need to do during the day to be active and agile and notice the sense of accomplishment you feel once you complete them.

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