From Empress Ki to Suspicious Partners: Which Ji Chang Wook K drama is your favourite?

Updated on May 26, 2020 02:02 PM IST  |  14.6M
From Empress Ki to Suspicious Partners: Which Ji Chang Wook K drama is your favourite?
From Empress Ki to Suspicious Partners: Which Ji Chang Wook K drama is your favourite?

After Melting Me Softly, Ji Chang Wook will be seen in the drama Backstreet Rookie, opposite Kim Yoo Jung. It is a romantic comedy that revolves around a 33-year-old convenience store owner (Ji Chang Wook) and a part-time employee (Kim Yoo Jung). This is the second drama of Ji Chang Wook to release after his military service and we can’t wait to see him back on the screen. 

The actor is known for his acting skills, action sequences and dreamy charm that makes the best of us swoon. One of the most versatile actors in the South Korean industry, no one can ever get tired of watching him on the screen. Plus, he is good at singing. Did you know that he began his career in musical theater? The 32-year-old actor made his debut in 2006 with the movie "Days..." and has since starred in many dramas and movies. 

After the recent release of the official teaser of Ji Chang Wook's new drama, we look upon 5 of his most popular works.

Suspicious Partner 

This show revolves around an aspiring attorney turned murder suspect, Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) and prosecutor turned private attorney, Nam Ji Hyun (Ji Chang Wook). Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun’s chemistry can make you squeal in this one. 


Ji Chang Wook plays a mercenary soldier turned fugitive after framed for his lover’s murder. This action-thriller showcased some of the best action sequences of the actor. And his chemistry with Yoo-na is amazing. 


Healer got a lot of attention overseas. The story focuses on a trio that includes an illegal night courier with great fighting skills, a famous journalist and a tabloid reporter. Together they try to uncover the truth of a decade-old incident that involved their family. 

Melting Me Softly 

A romantic comedy about two people who agree to freeze their bodies in 1999 for a 24-hour experiment, but things go side-ways and they get frozen for 20 years. When they are defrosted in 2019, hilarity ensues and they have no one but each other to rely on. 

Empress Ki 

The story revolves around Ki Seung-Nyang who becomes the empress despite the limits of the era’s class system. She marries the Emporer of the Mongol empire (Ji Chang Wook) who seems spoiled and immature in the beginning but matures into the crowned prince who loves his woman deeply. 

We love all 5 of these shows, which one is your favourite?