ESSENTIAL tips to keep in mind while serving breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed is the ultimate luxury. So follow these simple tips to perfectly nail it and surprise your loved one and make them feel special.
ESSENTIAL tips to keep in mind while serving breakfast in bed
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There is no better way to pamper your loved one than serving them a wholesome and comforting breakfast in bed. When they wake up, they are bound to feel lazy and the only thing that they want at that moment is to just to get a hearty breakfast while being all snuggled up in bed and with the chill in the air that’s only increasing with time, this will be the perfect surprise for them.

Serving breakfast in bed can be a little tricky. For example, in terms of the menu, you don’t want to have a messy meal planned for your special someone and want something that can be easily eaten while being in bed. Apart from this, there are many more things to consider to perfectly surprise your loved one, with a luxurious breakfast in bed.

The Portions

Since you will be carrying breakfast all the way to the bedroom in a tray, it is important to be careful of the quantity of the food that you will be serving. While filling their mug of tea or coffee, make sure to not fill it up entirely to avoid spilling. 

Use a tray

This is an unspoken rule of serving breakfast in bed. Always use a tray to make your and your loved one’s job easier. Arranging the breakfast items in a tray will make it easier for you to carry everything while your loved one will also have a table to eat on while being warm and cosy in bed.

The Menu

Sure, to perfectly nail the surprise, you want to serve something extravagant and hearty. But avoid including items that would create a mess and would pose a difficulty for them to consume.


Adding little special touches to the breakfast tray can make all the difference between a utilitarian breakfast and a special one. You can keep fancily folded cloth napkins or a rose to make them feel pampered and special.

Make sure it’s hot

The key to serving an appetising breakfast in bed is to keep it piping hot. Be it the coffee or the waffles or the eggs. Make sure to serve everything at the very last minute to keep things hot!

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