EXCLUSIVE: Check out Ashwiny Iyer’s debut novel Mapping Love for a poetic Sunday

Updated on Aug 02, 2021 03:20 PM IST  |  111.2K
Sunday Reads: Check out Ashwiny Iyer’s debut novel Mapping Love for a poetic Sunday

Filmmaker Ashwiny Iyer recently turns author with her debut novel ‘Mapping Love’. The director who has claimed her fame through multiple extraordinary films like Bareilly ki Barfi, Panga, Nil Battey Sannata and more, published her first book titled Mapping Love in July this year.

In this week’s Sunday Reads edition, we are here to talk about Mapping Love, a book written by Ashwiny Iyer. We got a chance to have a brief discussion with Ashwiny Iyer herself to find out the inspiration behind this book and what were the challenges she faced while writing this book.

“For me, Mapping Love was an evolution of an idea that I had in my mind and it took me about 3 years. So I kind of started writing it just to see where it goes. As a writer, you need to write and see where the idea goes. Till the time you don’t write it down, you never know if it makes sense on paper or not and I always wanted to write. I felt that this was something that could be converted into a book because it is quite poetic in nature.” 

“To write it in the most poetic form in solitude, in this form of expression as a storyteller is what I wanted to achieve. It is completely different from writing a film. It is not like I’m writing a screenplay. Even the whole energy of writing a film is very different from writing a book. For example, even the way we are showcasing a film and announcing a book is totally different which is nice.”

When asked about how nervous the director and author is for the release of the book, this is what she had to say,

“For me, I am as nervous for this book release as I would be for a film release. I always say that in everything I do, it should be like im doing it for the first time and you should be better than your last work. It’s like I am the first bencher who wants to explore every new medium with the utmost respect as though I’m learning it for the first time. Everything you do is a piece of art and for this piece of art that I have created, of course, there is a sense of excitement and I also feel a sense of accomplishment. The nervousness is always there because I am still looking for recognition and feedback as a storyteller.”

What is the one message that you want to put out through this book and your storytelling?

“One thing I would want to say that I have learned in the whole process is that when you set out to accomplish something, just go all out. For anything you start, you also need to finish it. You should never leave things halfway through.”

What are some of the challenges you faced while writing the book?

“The biggest challenge I faced while writing would be to have a concentrated mind and that comes with thorough discipline. To have the discipline to shut off all the distractions. You cannot deviate from your writing and that’s why you need to be in solitude. Writer’s block is for real, there are roadblocks that you go through. There are days when you are just staring at the two lines, you go back and forth and there are days with procrastination. I feel you cannot leave too much gap between writing. It is important to keep writing in a flow. The more breaks you take, the more you break the flow. Writing is a very lengthy and patient process.”

She further adds, “Writing a novel I feel is a journey. You flow like a river in the story. It’s a learning process and a journey in itself.”

What does the title mean to you and what message do you want to portray through it?

“Mapping Love as a word says a lot. It is about all kinds of relationships. It is about finding yourself.”

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