EXCLUSIVE: Check out your weekly predictions from July 26 to August 1

Updated on Jul 26, 2021 01:51 PM IST  |  172.3K
EXCLUSIVE: Check out your weekly predictions from July 26 to August 1

The most renowned celebrity numerologist, an acclaimed tarot master, Feng shui master and author, Sheelaa M Bajaj does weekly predictions for July 19 to July 25, 2021. Here’s what’s in store for you for this week as per numerology based on your zodiac sign.


Career: This week is not feasible for investments. Be careful of your finances as it is better to be pound foolish penny-wise.

Relationship: Love is in the air this week and you will spend quality time with your partner.

Health: Pay attention to your posture to avoid back pain.

Tip of the Week: Keep a Bamboo plant in your South East.


Career: You could consider a change in job. A new work environment will motivate you to perform well.

Relationship: You could have a misunderstanding with your partner. It will make you pensive.

Health: Drink Fresh juices to clear toxins.

Tip of the Week: Carry dry tulsi, as it brings prosperity.


Career: You could invest in a new business. Take ideas from industry leaders and you will excel.

Relationship: You will take a step forward in your relationship as things are stabilising and the turbulent phase has calmed down.

Health: Your mood will be light and positive as the day progresses.

Tip of the week: Keep a Himalayan salt lamp for positivity.


Career: You will prove that you are a game changer at work, and will impress your superiors.

Relationships: Your bond with your partner gets stronger as you give them more love and care.

Health: Stay calm, this will help you attain balance at work and personal life.

Tip of the week: Cleanse your bedroom with salt.


Career: You have achieved a lot at work this week, and could sign new agreements.

Relationships: You share your tasks with your partner this week, and the results are amazing. You will feel loved.

Health: Your mood improves as the day progresses, as you get support from your partner.

Tip of the week: Have a salt bath to cleanse negative energies.


Career: You will receive support from your peers as you complete tasks at work. Teamwork will forge your path ahead.

Relationship: You will spend a great evening with your partner, as you go out after a long time.

Health: Your mood will be light as you complete the tasks at work with ease, and spend quality time with your loved one.

Tip of the week: Burn sage to cleanse the energy at home.


Career: A change at work is possible. New opportunities come your way. Take up the challenge, as they showcase your strength and talents.

Relationship: You should spend a good time with your loved ones and surprise them with gifts or a fancy dinner.

Health: Pay attention to what you eat.

Tip of the Week: Carry cinnamon to attract money and positive energy.


Career: A joint venture with an established company helps you steer ahead. You will earn a great name for yourself.

Relationship: You will help your partner make decisions and your support will make your bond stronger.

Health: A stressful week at work, your mood improves as the week progresses.

Tip of the week: Keep a crystal globe in the North East.


Career: People in the food industry will make a profit this week. You may become a good brand.

Relationship: Your partner loves your smile. They will do everything to keep you smiling, enjoy the pampering!

Health: You may have joint pains.

Tip of the Week: Drink Chamomile tea for good sleep.


Career: This is your week! All business deals will go through very smoothly. Just be very objective in your thoughts.

Relationship: This week you may not be able to pay attention to your loved ones. This will cause tension in the house.

Health: You may have sore eyes.

Tip of the Week: Keep a red lamp in the Southwest of your house to keep up the romance.


Career: You could enrol in a personality development course. Your skills will help you progress. 

Relationship: You could go on a long drive with your partner over the weekend. Great time for people in a relationship.

Health: Hair fall may be an area of concern for you. Don’t worry as it is treatable.

Tip of the Week: Drink water from a silver glass.


Career: You may expect a promotion in your salary this week.  Think creatively at work.

Relationship: Do not be over emotional in a relationship. Balance is the key.

Health: You may be very moody.

Tip of the Week: Keep a selenite stick next to your bedside.

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