EXCLUSIVE: Here is how you can inculcate self love and self worth with expert tips from a life coach

With the right attitude, one can learn to cultivate self love and self appreciation without seeking validation from others. Life coach, Samira Gupta helps by giving some exclusive tips on how to do that.
self love EXCLUSIVE: Here is how you can inculcate self love and self worth with expert tips from a life coach
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Self love is when you accept, acknowledge and appreciate yourself. It is when you indulge in actions that support your mental, emotional, physical and social growth. It is also prioritizing your own needs and striving to unleash your potential.

Self-love can have different definitions for different people. What’s important is to identify what it means for you and then practicing it consistently for your well-being. Just like suppressed anger and resentment do not have emotional outlets because we remain silent or bury them deep into our hearts, the body sometimes manifests these through illness. So, if you have chronic respiratory allergy, acid reflux or back pain, your physical condition may not only be the issue.

On the bright side, people with illnesses who identify and release these negative emotions in healthier ways find that their symptoms disappear gradually. So what to do if you often indulge in negative self-talk or experience negative emotions in general? Following these tips may help you to develop self-love and increase self-worth by life coach, Samira Gupta.

Release anger in healthy ways

If you need to scream, scream. Screaming into a pillow is advisable. You can also release anger by having a conversation with the person you are angry at and you will certainly feel calmer after the rage. Often writing in your journal can also help in releasing anger. You can also write a letter to the person who hurt you. Release all your anger in it. Afterwards, tear up or burn the letter. Do not send it to the person. Talk to the person only once you are calm and can express your feelings in a constructive manner.


Forgiveness can help you get rid of the burden and instantly make you feel lighter. It also helps in developing a growth mind-set. When you forgive, you clear the energy blocks in your body, helping you focus on productive tasks. 

Understand that you cannot control everything

While taking charge of your life is crucial, more often people confuse it with control. Control only what you can to make yourself better. Have faith and trust the universe.

Be grateful

Maintain a ‘gratitude journal’ and remember to write all the people, experiences and growth you are grateful for. A positive outlook will attract positivity from the environment.

Engage in positive self-talk

Like good food nourishes the body, feeds your mind with positive thoughts. Powerful self-affirmations can significantly boost your confidence level and get you ready for the challenges ahead.


Reach out to a Coach, if necessary. If you experience serious emotional issues, especially those stemming from childhood, it is advisable to seek professional help to facilitate healing.

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