EXCLUSIVE: Here’s what astro numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani has to say for people born on 8th, 17th, and 26th

Usually the first half of number 8, symbolically, is associated with struggle & strife, and the second half, however, compensates for the first. Find out more
EXCLUSIVE: Here’s what astro numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani has to say for people born on 8th, 17th, and 26thEXCLUSIVE: Here’s what astro numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani has to say for people born on 8th, 17th, and 26th
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Number 8 {Ruling Planet: Saturn}- In simpler terms, The 8th Wonder!

People born on the 8th, 17th, and 26th in any month are termed as Number 8 people, ruled by the planet Saturn. The number 8 anchors Capricorns and Librans too, and to a little lesser extent, Aquarians.

We would like to start with a Disclaimer here-

Each and every number or planet has two sides, like a coin. None of the numbers are only auspicious nor inauspicious! Or there would be only those deemed ‘unlucky’ to be amongst inmates of a prison or a hospital! But we do find people here from all zodiacs or Numbers!

Saturn, known to be the slowest planet usually takes trials and tribulations, after which, eventually rewards the person governed by it amply, or even penalizes in its own ways; which is why good Karma is the most significant virtue for Number 8's.

You must sit tight, hold your horses, and cross the bridge when you come to it; for Rome was not built in a day. To simplify, Number 8's like you must be patient in order to milk the most out of your fortunes. Things do not come easy to you; but in most probability, they do come when the time is ripe. Hence you must stick to your go-to mantra, "Patience is Key".

Usually the first half of number 8, symbolically, is associated with struggle & strife, and the second half however compensates for the first. Sometimes it is vice versa. Saturn bestows upon you, in magnification, qualities of tolerance & endurance.

Hence, it is highly unlikely of you to dislodge or budge, even after the worst blows! And the icing on the cake is that you come back stronger than ever. But again, in the due course of time. Saturn is about restrictions & responsibilities! Another great restriction, Demonetization happened on 8/11 when number 8, PM, Modi came appeared on TV at sharp 8 PM to announce the historic decision!

You do have to work a little harder than usual to get what you deserve, unless you're born in a wealthy family. In contrast to 'struggle', Saturn conversely gifts will power and determination to those bearing number 8.

Since Saturn is the lord of judgments, you are many a time misconstrued and accused of committing mistakes you never committed. The best of lawyers and doctors also fail to understand you at times. And thus you must avoid partnerships as you would find others at variance with your nature; and even litigation, especially if guilty.

Number 8’s are usually reserved or private people and take a lot of time to shed their inhibitions.

In matters of the heart too, there could be difference of opinions, eventually leading to misunderstandings. You are forever longing for love, and may often feel lonely too, if downhearted by someone who really matters to you. However, you are always a phone-call away, and can make sacrifices to any degree, for those who depend on you. You must not marry early in life; ideally a little late.

Classic example of Shipla Shetty and Dimple Kapadia, both born on 8th June- while Dimple Ji married very early in life, her marriage didn’t turn out to as fruitful with her estranged husband, Rajesh Khanna Ji; Shilpa Shetty on the other hand married a little late in life.

For both, number 8 played an important role. Dimple gave Bobby in her 17th year while Shilpa married Raj Kundra in her 35th!

Line of work:

You tend to build up your own fortune, with hard work, and are not usually lucky in any form of gambling, speculations or 'get rich quick' schemes. You should therefore stay away from all this. 

Share market & equities to your finance is what smoking can is to your lungs. Hence abstain from speculative sources of earning. It can in deed cause great damage monetarily. Savings in Government bonds, real estate & metal investments (all long term) shall seal the deal for you!

You may do well in any mental aspect with the likes of teaching, deep study, concentration, exact and just reasoning, art, lines of creativity, music, acting, modeling, mining, dealing in property, and real estate, farming (or anything concerning the earth) mathematics, accountancy, medicine, occasions requiring an absolutely balanced and unemotional state of mind.

As Saturn is known to be the Lord of Judgement, the symbol of the Zodiac Libra (Ruler, Saturn) is the scales (Tarazu). In fact, the famous dialogue ’Tareek Pe Tareek’ was quoted by Libra born Sunny Deol (19/10)!

Number 8’s can make good Judges or Lawyers too as the industry of Justice is not without its share of Delays!

Although you will find the numbers of 'fours', and 'eight' drawn toward you and playing an important role in all your affairs, and Dates such as 4th, 8th, 13th, 17th, 22nd, 26th and 31st or any numbers that total up to the root of the 4 and 8. You must instead avoid these Numbers and dates for anything important, as such Numbers are unlucky for them.

Some Notable Examples:

Sourav Ganguly, a number 8 is a classic case of Number 8. As soon as 2006 {8} began, he suddenly lost the huge pedestal he ruled for so many years. To top it, he entered his 35th {8} year too during the same period, and had to literally sit out during most of his 35th year. Ditto with Saturn ruled Capricorn, Rahul Dravid, who very suddenly declined from captaincy, and soon faced loss of form, again in his 35th year too!

Even Sachin Tendulkar was not spared from the wrath in his 35th year when he struggled for form too!

Saturn ruled Libran, Shewag wasn’t doing well with Jersey #44 (8) either, and in fact, ironically, though being a specialist 1 Day player, his averages in the shorter version of the game was a dismal 29 as opposed to around a healthy 52 in Test cricket, where he doesn’t have to don a Number 44. {Thankfully, better sense prevailed as after our suggestion, he took off 44} Number 8 people should avoid Black.

Libra born, Amitabh Bachchan & Sidhu too experienced the sharp side of Saturn!

 While Siddhu was in a fatal road-rash in his 26th (8) year, jailed in 44th; and hospitalized in his 53rd (8), Big B saw the extreme side of Shani as Coolie (added to 26) almost took us away from him due to a near-fatal stomach accident, , his 1st Hit, Zanjeer added to 26 too!

 However, 8 is considered to be a lucky Number in China; no wonder the Olympics were on 08/08/2008, and the compound was 8 too. The word for 'eight' in Mandarin (Pinyin: bā) sounds similar to the word which means 'prosper' or 'wealth' (short for Pinyin). In regional dialects the words for 'eight' and 'fortune' are also similar, example Cantonese 'baat' and 'faat'.

However, even in China, there have been many earthquakes on dates adding to 8. In fact, on 09/10/2005, we had predicted {in Mid-Day} that on 26/11/2005, there was a possibility of such a disaster. Very unfortunately, there was a huge quake in China on that very date. As a matter of fact, that date was triply ruled by Saturn, as it was firstly on a Shaniwar {Saturday}, to top it, the date was 26th {26=8} and 26+11+2005=8 too!

 The Tsunami which took over 2,00,000 lives and destroyed so many other lives also was triply riddled by 8 as it happened in the Saturn ruled Capricorn period, and 26= 8; 26+12+2004= 8 too!

 Before the horrible terror attacks on 26/11, that lasted 62 hours {62=8} Mumbai faced its worst natural calamity on 26/07/2005. the compound was a 4 {26+07+2005=4}. Exactly two years later, on the 26th of July {also a Shaniwar} the bomb blasts rocked Ahemedabad taking so many innocent lives.

In Bhuj, Gujarat, a huge quake took thousands of lives on 26/01. then on 08/10/2005, which was also a Shaniwar or Saturday, Pakistan and Srinagar lost more than 60,000 lives. The Malegaon blasts happened on 08/09 too and the Jaipur blast on 13/05. Godhra tragedy happened on 26/02.

17-17-17-17= Malaysian Airlines Tragedy! MH-17 that was shot down added to 26 or 8 while it happened on 17/7. Tragedy not only happened on 17/7, it first flew on the same date,17 July (1997=8 too) to have a life of 17 years! 17/7 was also the 197th (17=8) day of the year!

4 & 8 is an extreme mix. Ukraine that's already brewing with militancy adds to 22!

17+7+2014=4 too! ''Error 404: Page, oops, Plane not found?

The fact that the Malaysian Airlines MH-370 was the 404th (8) Boeing 777 produced is mind blowing! Did you know the date & Day of disappearance? 8th March, (8, Saturn) also was a Saturday! (Shaniwar)'

2 fatal crashes in a Number 4 (2020) in just the first month! After Iran gunned down a Plane in Iraq on the 8th, it was a double 8 date as Capricorn ruler is 8, Saturn too! 8+1+2020=4! It was a 737 (17=8)

On the 26th, both, Basketball Legend, Kobe Bryant & his daughter who died in a helicopter crash with 7 others had their names adding to 4! (Uranus) it was on 26+1+2020=4!

On the 8th (also a Saturday or Shaniwar) a military guy gunned down 26 (8) people in a Thailand mall in 2020!

Apart from Nepal (adds to 22=4) that witnessed huge Quakes, in 2015 (8}, Syria & Libya where militancy is brewing both add to 8, ISIS on the other hand sums to 8. Trouble in Syria & Libya started in 2011 (4)!

The Paris attacks happened on Friday the 13th (4)! Back home, Chennai was flooded on the same day too in 2015 (8)!

Tragedy struck the ill-fated Russian plane crash on a double '4' date as 31+10+2015=4 again on a Saturday (Shaniwar)! The plane carried 224 (8) people!

Other aviation accidents in 2015 (8) on 4 & 8 dates- 26 Jan - Los Ilanos air base Spain

4 Feb - Taipei Songshan airport 8 May - Naltar, Gilgit

31 July - Blackbushe airport, UK 4 Aug - Northwestern Colombia

22 Aug - Shoreham airport, West Sussex 4 Nov - Juba International airport

17/12-Mumbai Airport technician sucked by plane 22 Dec – BSF crash, New Delhi

‘Rename 737 MAX 8’ screams Donald Trump after 2 Plane crashes in 5 months bearing same model Number took so many lives! We were much ahead of you in saying that, Prez Trump. M=4, A=1, X=5 so 737+10+8=35=8!

 While Ethiopian Airlines adds to 4, the ill-fated plane tragically had 157 (13=4) on board! The registration was ET AVJ that further adds to 8!

Then the Earthquake in Hindukush was on a Double 8 Date as 26+10+2015=8 too. It was also the 44th (8) week of the year. Can’t be another ‘co-incidence’. God Bless the affected.

Demonetization happened on 8/11 too when PM Modi appeared on TV at 8 PM, in his 67th (4) year! Neither did Thugs of Hindostan, that added to 17 survive 8/11!

For those born on 4 or 8 Numbers needn't panic- each Number or Planet has its own beauty & charm! I wouldn’t allow my son to be born on a 31st otherwise. Er, my Destiny Number is 8 too.

Saturn can do wonders too-

A R Rehman brought home Oscars in his 44th year, our Coach Gary Kirsten lifted World Cup in his 44th.

But inviting 8, Shanni is like having your classroom next to the principal's room, something that none of us enjoyed. The principal (or Saturn) is not the culprit, we students are mischievous.

1,3,5,6 best for No 8's; some famously successful No. 8's we observed have their names adding up to such Numbers by default.

Roger Federer has his name adding to 50 (5) while both our PM's Narendra Modi & Dr. Manmohan Singh are No. 8's too whose names are readymade on 41 (5) & 19 (1).

No. 8, Dharmendra (his new name after changing from Dharampal Singh) & Sharmila Tagore, both 8/12 born have names adding to a readymade 33 & 42 (6) while No. 8 Leander Paes adds to 42 (6). Neetu Singh, born on 8/7 adds to 42, while our client Anil Kumble, a No. 8 has his name added to 32 (5).

8 is Saturn (Shanni), the Lord of Judgment.

Extreme, just like the No. 8 that has 2 halves, up & down!

Lucky Numbers:

Your most Lucky numbers are the 'one’, 'three', 'five' and 'six', and all its series and should try to carry out important plans and engagements on dates which make these numbers, such as the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 10th, 12th, 14th, 15th, 19th, 21st, 23rd, 24th, 28th and 30th.

Lucky Colors:

Your Lucky colors are blue, cream, yellow, light gray, and white. You should avoid black and reduce red.

All said and done, looks like you're fortune-eight! "Success is a blend of good fortune and hard work"!

Disclaimer- While these properties are generic, all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you; your zodiacal qualities may supersede some of your primary numbers' attributes too.

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libra ruled by venus not saturn

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