EXCLUSIVE: Hindi Day 2021: Has the language got its due? Read on to find out

Updated on Sep 15, 2021 11:49 AM IST  |  24.6K
Experts urge people to speak Hindi with pride

By now most of us will surely know that today is Hindi Diwas. All thanks to the stellar amount of news articles talking about its significance and why the Day is celebrated. However, the fact of the matter is after 72 years of celebrating Hindi, how and if people’s perception towards the language has changed.

From Hindi being a mandatory subject in many States, to people gradually realizing that talent is not always about speaking fluent English, we have seen a certain change.

However, experts feel the language is not getting its due. It has been only restricted to Government papers and the keyboards of the youth in the form of Hinglish, and not in the minds of civilians.

“Millennials have invented a new language called “Hinglish” in which they mix Hindi and English language to communicate as there’s a lack of knowledge of Hindi words. They are now more comfortable with Hinglish than Hindi itself. A few years back, at least Hindi was a language people used to communicate in India, but with time the language is losing its existence as everyone is adapting to the English language more than our mother tongue, Hindi. I would like to see people being more comfortable with our official language and giving respect to those who promote it. If our Government doesn’t give attention to sustain our language then it might be possible that we lose the existence of the same as we did for Sanskrit,” opines Pankaj Dharohar, who is a Hindi Poet.

Hindi was recognized as the official language of India on September 14, 1949. The first Hindi Diwas, Dharohar says, was celebrated in 1953. “After English and Mandarin, Hindi is the third most spoken language in the world, with 615 million speakers all over the world. But still the language doesn’t get the respect it should get from native Indians. In so many years, Hindi is just a language people feel free to chat at their homes but little do they know that they mix our language, Hindi with Urdu or English words,” adds Dharohar.

An interesting fact. The achievements, he mentions, of our Hindi language to date are that it has been recognized by Fiji Government as an official language and 176 universities in the world have included Hindi as a subject.

Narendra Pathak, Senior Hindi Teacher, Bombay Cambridge International School, Andheri East, Mumbai, says that Hindi should remain the link of unity of India and the dot on the head of Mother India.

“Today the loyalty of children towards Hindi is decreasing because it is getting confined to their homes. In schools, students study Hindi only to pass the exam. Today children are the future of the nation and the teachers are the builders of it. Therefore, it is the religion of every teacher to spread more awareness about the language among children and save its existence,” says Pathak.

The need is such that people, especially children, should take pride in speaking fluent, and shudh Hindi. “It is time that we take the responsibility of teaching our children to take pride in the language. Hindi, among all the others, is one beautiful language of India and it should never be forgotten,” opines Pathak.

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