EXCLUSIVE: Inspiring tale of a nurse who survived COVID 19 and resumed to work

Tina Philips, Staff Nurse, Global Hospital Mumbai who survived novel coronavirus and resumed to work said, "My motto is to serve the patients till my last breath."
Coronavirus,covid 19,covid survivor EXCLUSIVE: Inspiring tale of a nurse who survived COVID 19 and resumed to work
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Coronavirus has completely changed our lives. Lockdown, social distancing, restrictions, facial masks are the new normal. Speaking of mega effects, many deaths, poor economy and pressure on the healthcare system is worst than ever. We cannot thank enough the frontline warriors who are fighting with COVID-19 round the clock and saving lives of so many people every day. Doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers are under immense stress and pressure as the number of infected patients is just rising.

Many doctors and nurses even contracted the same, some even passed away. We all have immense respect for such selfless souls who are putting their lives at risk every day. And today, we are sharing about another noble soul, who not only survived COVID-19 but is back to work from where she had possibly contracted the coronavirus.

Tina Philips is a Staff Nurse at Global Hospital Mumbai.

While recalling her battle journey, she revealed that she didn't fret frantically when she was tested positive and kept calm. "I was given medicines. I was quarantined in the hospital and have tested negative now. The hospital gave me an appropriate treatment of medications during my stay. I was provided with all the required facilities. Doctors checked upon me from time to time. I was a little stressed when I got to know that I was positive. I informed about this only to my father and brother while my mother was unaware. The hospital was supportive and encouraging. Thus, my stress was relieved."

Tina, who resumed work recently said, "My motto is to serve the patients till my last breath. I do not have any issues or difficulties right now. Things are going smoothly."

When asked about any roadblocks or issues considering the stigma around it, if she faced, she replied, "I was working, and suddenly, I exhibited mild symptoms such as shivering, fear, vomiting, and loose motions, and showed to the doctor in the hospital. There was no severe pain. So, I didn’t face difficulties much. I didn’t face any issue considering the stigma around it."

She also commented about the healthcare system in India. She said, "We have proper management of Covid-19. But, people need to stay informed about this virus and must avoid stepping out of the house, when they are advised to stay indoors."

When asked if she has any message for health workers and for the general public. Tina said, "My message for the health workers is that they must ensure that they are following the Covid-19 protocols, and adhering to all the safety precautions. And the public should not panic as it’s a viral flu. One has to have an optimistic approach. The flu will go over time."

Tina concluded the interview by saying, "Though it is risky for elderly patients with comorbidities, they should not fret. Coronavirus doesn’t mean death. One can get back on track after suffering from it. Also, remember to stay calm and composed, and you will surely win the battle against Covid-19."