EXCLUSIVE: Numerologist Sheelaa M Bajaj does weekly predictions from October 4 to October 10

Updated on Oct 05, 2021 08:48 AM IST  |  111.2K
EXCLUSIVE: Numerologist Sheelaa M Bajaj does weekly predictions from October 4 to October 10

The most renowned celebrity numerologist, an acclaimed tarot master, Feng shui master and author, Sheelaa M Bajaj does weekly predictions for this week from October 4 to October 10, 2021.

Here’s what’s in store for you for this week as per numerology based on your zodiac sign.



Career – You could have a misunderstanding with your colleagues. Be diplomatic, things will be fine be mindful that due to the current retrograde things may be frustrating.

Relationships – There will be ups and downs in your relationship. Be positive. 

Health – A recurring back pain will be cured.

New moon tip for love: Take advantage of the lovey-dovey vibes on the 26th for some great makeup sex or at least a chill night cuddling on the couch.


Career – You could start a new business. You will make a slow start, but the business will bring you name, and fame.

Relationships – Your friends will set you up on a date with a common friend. The prospects of a relationship are great.

Health – Try physiotherapy for your muscle injuries.

New moon tip for love: Much of the early part of the month is devoted to deep inner work, and the final third brings you the chance to try out your developing emotional boundaries with others.


Career – You feel stressed and irritated at work. Be calm, take help to get your work done do not allow ego to come in the way.

Relationships – You will have a date filled with conversations and laughter. Your partner will enjoy your company.

Health – Visit a dermatologist for your pimples to be treated.

New moon tip for love: If you’re already happily partnered or just not particularly interested in rekindling anything from the past, this month could also be about experimenting more in bed with your current partner.



Career – New deals will be signed. Make sure you work with vendors you trust and get things double-checked.

Relationships – Your partner wants you to give them affection try and let your guard down.

Health – You will have knee pain. 

New moon tip for love: Challenging your ability to stay detached in a toxic situation will be the spotlight this new moon.


Career – Your managers will be very demanding. Stay positive, your work will prove that you are amazing.

Relationships – Your partner shares the same passions as you. You could sign up for a fun course and that will help the bond.

Health You could have neck pain.

New moon tip for love: You’re not only finding more expansiveness in romance but you’re also attracting partners who are willing to commit.


Career – Stay positive and motivated at work. A promotion is coming soon.

Relationships – An argument with your partner affects your mood. Stay calm, everything will get fine.

Health – A scalp issue will be treated.

New moon tip for love: What you thought was a solid connection may have been nothing but an elaborate fantasy open your heart to attract the right partner.



Career – Your managers will come to you with an opportunity to lead a new team. It will help you build a good reputation and soon this will lead to a promotion.

Relationships – Plan a surprise for your partner. It could be going out shopping or for a fancy dinner.

Health Try yoga for healing.

New moon tip for love: You’re facing some of your deepest intimacy issues and rediscovering what it feels like to be open to love.


Career – You could start a new business with an old partner. The rewards from it will be amazing take the leap of faith.

Relationships – Your partner is very supportive. Their knowledge helps you with making the right choices.

Health Try Ayurveda for good health. 

New moon tip for love: Last month’s full moon in Pisces (September 20th) expanded your sex life in an unforeseen way. Don’t give in to the self-sabotage of labelling yourself as out of control, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.


Career – Your friend at work will help you. Give them gratitude as they help you in your career and be humble.

Relationships – Your lover will move to a new city. You will miss them and the moments you share.

Health – A migraine affects your day.

New moon tip for love: Everyone wants to slide into your DMs! One of these cuties could be the one but it’s a retrograde so expect things to start slow.



Career – You are very good at motivating your team to perform better. Your bosses will love your work and positive vibe.

Relationships – You will have a date filled with intimacy. Your lover is very romantic.

Health – Stress at work affects your mood.

New moon tip for love: Prospective lovers dip into your life and then disappear before you even fish their phone numbers out of your DMs. If you’re in a relationship, you may feel especially distant from your partner this month.


Career – Your leadership traits help you move ahead in your job. You will be recognised for your contribution.

Relationships – Stay calm, ego and temper issues affect your relation. Your partner wants you to love them.

Health – You might have a toothache.

New moon tip for love: Tensions between you and your partner reach a boiling point on the 9th and then slowly begin to cool down. It’s time for you to leave some hurt in the past and begin a new relationship era.


Career – You will consider starting a new business. Talk to your mentors before making investments.

Relationships – You feel that you are ignoring your partner. Give them attention, it makes them happy.

Health – Sore eyes affect your health.

New moon tip for love: Picking up the pieces after a blowout fight gets you back on the same page.

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