EXCLUSIVE: The pandemic came as a boon: Amrita Rao on pregnancy & what she's looking forward to post delivery

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EXCLUSIVE: The pandemic came as a boon: Amrita Rao on pregnancy & what she's looking forward to post delivery

They say pregnancy changes a woman's life. And what a change it's brought, for actress Amrita Rao! The diva took to her Instagram to announce that she was 9 months pregnant during Navratri and is expecting her baby anytime now. Through the pandemic, the actress has kept this news hush-hush while also staying slim and not putting on any additional weight! Not just that, the actress also shared how her husband Anmol has had her back and gives a word of advice to all new mothers expecting to deliver soon like she is. 

What has been the most exciting moment of your pregnancy so far?
The most exciting moment of my pregnancy was when my husband Anmol started opening the baby shopping we had ordered online. When I saw these little tiny clothes and mittens and cute little swaddles that was the first time I actually felt like my baby was already around. I was so amused looking at the little size of every item. 

Due to your pregnancy, what are some of the biggest changes you've made in your diet?
The Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown had it's own fringe benefits in my pregnancy. My baby go-to is to eat only pure home-cooked food. Homemade ghee, snacks and even sweets or cakes. No packeted and preserved foods. My diet has never been this pure. I ate a lot of chips and fried and junk all the time which was now completely out of reach. Also, I've had to make milk and eggs a daily part of my diet which otherwise given a choice I would stay a mile away from. I'm also eating a lot of fruits and drinking a lot of water. I never really focused on eating so healthy as I did during my pregnancy.  

Do you have occasional food cravings? What's the one thing you crave for the most?
My baby is a lockdown friendly baby and very adjusting! Perhaps he was already programmed to be in tune with the lockdown restrictions so fortunately baby didn't give me any such unique cravings. The only sensation was acute hunger and very often. My baby pulled me to the food and ensured that I don't forget to eat. 



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Is there anything that you're not supposed to eat, that you're craving?
I did crave for "off the shelf" noodles. But I must have had only twice during the entire pregnancy.

What has been the biggest challenge for you during your pregnancy?
I think the biggest challenge has been eating all the time. I used to wake up almost twice in the night just to eat because the baby was hungry in my tummy. This is an unusual experience I will never forget my lifetime.

You don't seem to have put on too much weight? 
This I got to thank only my genes for. I have never compromised on my diet and I don't advise any dieting during pregnancy nor compromising on eating anything healthy in whatever quantity.

Is there a fitness regimen you follow to stay slim?
I've never followed a fitness regime to stay slim. I've always been slim by metabolism. When I turn to exercise it's always yoga over gymming. 
Yoga has more intrinsic benefits. It's a massage for every organ in your body and also the mind. 
I prefer yoga any day to lifting dumbells and running on the treadmill.



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Has the pandemic affected you or your plans in any way?
I think the pandemic came as a boon in my case. There was no better time to conceive. I conceived just before the lockdown was announced.
I was relaxed on the work front because the world came to a standstill. I didn't feel like I was losing out on any work due to pregnancy. Yes, there are offers which have got delayed but that also has been great timing because I'm ready to start working in the next 3 months.

Your biggest learning during this period?
That eating healthy can actually change your complexion and hair growth. I don't have hair fall now nor any skin breakouts. It's all because of eating healthy, eating fruits daily and drinking a lot of water every single day.

A myth about pregnancy that you believe, that has been busted?
Yes, there is a myth that you need to eat for two people and hence eat double the quantity. 
I'd like to break that by saying that you cannot overeat. One needs to eat as much as your stomach gets full and the hunger sensation vanishes. 

How are you preparing for your baby? Any changes you've made to your house, routine, etc. ?
No major changes as such. But yes we are excited about the baby cot. And the baby clothes and a little bathtub. 



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Today, it is not just women who want to look after their children, men want to be equally involved. How has your husband, Anmol been preparing for the baby?
I think Anmol's excitement and contribution have been equal.
We have shopped for the little things together. We have planned everything for the baby together. He has kept a constant eye on my diet to ensure that eating on time. He keeps a tab on the medical file and blood test appointments and all our doctor's visits and yes he was most excited to assemble the cot for the baby which we ordered online.

One thing you learnt about your body during your pregnancy? 
That my body is very kind to me.

What's the one thing you can't wait to do post your delivery?
I can't wait to roll on my stomach and cuddle my husband put one leg over him and sleep.

Any piece of advice that family/friends gave you, that impacted you?
That's "Garbha Sanskar". It's very important for the child. The mom needs to start interacting with the baby talking to the baby right from the time of inception. Mostly you avoid making conversation with the baby thinking the baby doesn't understand anything until it's 4-5 years old but that's a myth.
Your baby starts listening to your right from the womb and you can actually think many values and qualities in the baby before it arrives in this world.



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A word of advice to all the moms like you, expecting their baby soon?
Pregnancy is not difficult. Few things one needs to take care of is to avoid cooking in Aluminum vessels. 
Avoid being in any area where there is pest control has been done or pesticides spraying. Stay away from packeted food which has preservatives. Your body will guide you if you don't feel like exercising do not exert. Your baby will also guide you and you will be surprised to find yourself doing things at the command of this little soul in your womb.

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