EXCLUSIVE: THESE are the safety measures to take while going for a tattoo post COVID 19

If you are going to have a tattoo post COVID 19 lockdown, then you need to be careful about the contagious virus. So, here are some safety measures you need to take before going for the tattoo post COVID 19.
EXCLUSIVE: THESE are the safety measures to take while going for a tattoo post COVID 19 EXCLUSIVE: THESE are the safety measures to take while going for a tattoo post COVID 19
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Tattoos are completely in trend right now and some people have a great passion for it. Flaunting your skin with different types of tattoos is always a great idea to do something unique and funky. But is it safe to go for a tattoo post COVID-19? Because while getting the tattoo, we need to come to close contact with others which is the most vulnerable option to get infected with the virus. So, what are safety measures we should take before going for a tattoo post coronavirus?


In an interview with Pinkvilla, Sunny Bhanushali, celebrity tattoo artist, shared some safety measures that everyone should take for having a tattoo. Read on to know them.


1- Make sure you make an appointment before going for the tattoo. Because you have to be sure about the work to be done on that day.


2- Try to go directly to the tattoo studio from your home and not anywhere else.


3- Before making the appointment, do a little research to make sure they are sanitising the entire studio and taking all necessary safety measure for their customers.


4- Once the appointment is done, discuss all the details including design and positioning over a conference call and make the payment online as well to minimise physical contact.


5- You can also ask your tattoo artist to show you a design mockup digitally to get a clear idea about the tattoo. This will also reduce close contact among people.


6- It is always safe to go alone for the tattoo rather than involving your friends or family to avoid crown in the studio.


7- And be conscious about certain spots that are most likely to be touched generally like doorknobs, tabletops, chairs, lamps etc. Use a sanitiser right after you touch any of these places in the tattoo studio.


8- Don’t hesitate to ask the studio manager, if one artist is entitled for one customer only. If this is not maintained, then it’s safer to avoid that tattoo studio.


9- During this sensitive situation, it would be better to avoid having a tattoo or piercing near the mouth area for safety purpose.


10- The studios need to do the seating arrangements maintaining maximum distance from each other. So, make sure you pay keen attention to that before the tattoo.


11- Try not to carry unnecessary things with you while going to the tattoo studio like books, plastic carry bags etc. to reduce physical contact.


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