Expert tips for parents to protect and safeguard kids during the second wave of COVID 19

Updated on May 21, 2021 02:11 PM IST  |  149.1K
How to protect kids in COVID 19

With the peak of the second wave of COVID 19, parents want to keep their child as far away from this disease as possible. The pandemic is creating unprecedented conditions for the children and parents. Children are at equal risk this time compared to the first wave of COVID 19. So, parents should take strict steps to protect their children amid this crisis. Dr. Santosh Kumar K, Consultant Neonatologist and Paediatrician, Motherhood Hospitals, Banashankari, Bangalore, talks about the ways of protecting your kids.

Children in Second Wave of COVID 19

Unlike the first wave of COVID, the 2nd wave has seen a huge increase in the number of children getting affected. Many children apart from being positive are showing no sign of the infection (they are asymptomatic), which makes it difficult to detect in earlier stages.

These are a few things that parents can ensure to protect their children:

1- Parents must see to it that the children are properly washing their hands whenever they come in contact with any surface.

2- Infants are highly susceptible to infections and diseases; hence mother’s milk is essential for the baby. Mothers should continue to breast feed during pandemic.

3- Keep tissue papers and handkerchiefs in handy so that the child always sneezes/coughs into the tissue. The tissue must be immediately disposed of in a proper dustbin.

4- Wear a mask and encourage your child (above the age of 2 years) to wear one as well. Never put a mask or any kind of face shield on a newborn as it can cause suffocation and lead to death.

5- Avoid going to crowded places as that exposes the child to more harm and infection.

6- Put your child into a routine. Parents can make a structured timetable as to what activities the child will engage in. For example, they wake up, have breakfast, take a bath, engage in some mindful activities, etc. There should be a balance between learning, relaxing and fun.

7- It is also recommended that the parent limits the child’s screen time to a maximum of 1.5-2 hours a day, avoid news on social media and the internet. 

8- Exercising is also crucial for both the parent and the child and it helps one to clear their mind.

9- Parents should encourage their children to eat more healthy food and increase their intake of greens/proteins. A lot of liquids for hydration is important.

10- Parents must try and connect to their children, especially if they are in their teen years. As teenagers tend to become moody and rebellious around this age.

11- Parents should make sure that their children keep in touch with their friends and family through voice or video calls.

12- Parents also need to understand that apart from physical fitness, mental health and stability is also very necessary. Parents should be patient with their children as they might be seeing this kind of situation for the very first time.

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