Facing trouble sleeping at night? 7 Products that will help you sleep better and on time

Updated on Oct 04, 2021 06:58 PM IST  |  45.3K
Facing trouble sleeping at night? 7 Products that will help you sleep better and on time
Facing trouble sleeping at night? 7 Products that will help you sleep better and on time

A lot of us deal with uncertainty and anxiety. Anxiety can cause insomnia and lethargy. In order to stay fit and healthy, it is important to get a goodnight’s sleep. If you are someone who is having trouble getting good sleep, then these products will help you calm your senses and soothe your mind which will in turn put you to sleep instantly!

NapCloud Memory Foam Topper 

Add extra body, support and comfort to your mattress with this cool gel memory foam topper. This foam topper will adjust itself effortlessly to fit your body shape while also relieving all your pressure points. The ventilated structure offers exceptional air flow that will effectively distribute the heat and create the perfect sleeping temperature that will give you a satisfactory sleep. 


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Dehman Silk Pillow Covers 

Upgrade your room and give it a luxurious feel with these super smooth and durable silk pillow cases. These satin silk pillow cases will feel extremely smooth against your skin and will prevent your hair from knotting and getting frizzy in the morning. Satin silk never absorbs facial moisture. Hence, you will wake up with healthy skin and shiny hair. 


Price: Rs.699

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Livpure Smart Antibacterial Carbon Charcoal Infused Memory Foam Pillow 

This charcoal infused pillow features pin cores that helps in easy air circulation, it absorbs unpleasant odour and gives a fresh feel always. It helps to maintain a correct sleeping posture, keeps your skin safe, assists in reducing stress, and offers perfect support to your neck. This pillow will protect you from toxins and microbes. 


Price: Rs.1999

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SleepyCat Microfiber Cuddle Pillow 

Are you a cuddly sleeper but don’t have a partner to cuddle with? Do not worry because we have got your back! This cuddle pillow will make for a most comfortable sleep companion. It is soft, fresh and breathable and makes a great support for side sleepers. It keeps dust and mites at bay and also provides an ideal support for to-be mothers. 


Price: Rs.1539

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Vrinda Aromatic Essential Oil 

Spray a bit of this essential oil on your pillow in order to relax your mind and get faster sleep. This essential oil will calm and clear the mind, and the soothing fragrance will rejuvenate your senses. It is a blessing for people who deal with a busy lifestyle and is also crucial for your health as a goodnight’s sleep leads to a healthy lifestyle. 


Price: Rs.315

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Shoppostreet Cool Mist Humidifier 

Gift yourself a luxurious aromatherapy at home that will rejuvenate your senses with this cool mist humidifier. It is super compact which makes it easy to carry around and can be used in any part of the house. It features a LED light inner and can also be used as a night light. This humidifier will purify the air and reduce bacteria and peculiar smells. 


Price: Rs.729

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Livpure Smart All Weather Comforter 

Have you ever felt too cold with the AC on and too hot with the AC off and you just cannot find a middleground? We have found the perfect solution to your problems with this soft, cosy and lightweight reversible double comforter that feels like a warm hug on a cold evening. It will provide you with a rich and luxurious feel and keep you protected against allergens. Now you can cocoon yourself in this cosy comforter and enjoy a goodnight’s sleep. 


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