Father’s Day 2021: 4 BEST ways to pamper your father on this special day

Updated on Jun 15, 2021 12:36 PM IST  |  182.6K
Father’s Day 2021: 4 BEST ways to pamper your father on this special day

Father’s Day is just a few days away. This day is observed to celebrate all fathers everywhere, who relentlessly work day and night to keep their families happy. Fathers are those members of the family, who’s contribution is more often than not, overlooked. Unknowingly, we tend to take their efforts for granted. 


Thus, Father’s Day is celebrated, to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work and efforts that fathers put in on a daily basis with wanting nothing in return, except love. So this Father’s Day, pamper your father and make him feel special. 

Cook for him


Nothing makes a father feel more special than you cooking for him. Prepare his favourite dish to make him feel special and indulge him on this day. 


Shower him with gifts


To make this day special for him, you can give him a lot of gifts. You can gift him a quirky beer mug or a fancy bottle of cologne to cater to his sophisticated taste. Give him stuff that you know he will appreciate. You can also give some work from home essentials to help him be his most productive self while working from home.

Make a video 


You can put together pictures of him and you from your childhood and make a touching video for him to take him on a trip down memory lane. Remind him of the fun moments that you two spent together and he is sure to feel special!


Put on a show for him


You can do whatever you like. From preparing a dance for him to reciting a Father’s Day poem, put on a show for him to let him know how much he means to you and to make this Father’s Day special for him.

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