This Father’s Day, gift these 4 bar accessories to pamper your dad

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This Father’s Day, gift these 4 bar accessories to pamper your dad

Your father deserves a day off too. So, this Father’s Day, give your father the much-needed pampering and make him feel special and loved. There are many ways by which you can make this day special for your father, be it showering him with gifts or creating a video for him.


Most dads are pretty fond of drinking, be it wine, beer, or scotch. They like the idea of unwinding with a mug of their favourite alcohol after a long and tiring day. So it only makes sense, that this Father’s Day, you give your dad some useful and cool bar accessories! Check out this list here. 

Quirky ice trays


There are tons of ice trays available that have fancy shapes and designs. From tie-shaped ice trays to skull-shaped ones, you can gift them the quirkiest possible ice trays to complement their glass of fancy cocktail.


Monogrammed hip flask


Hip flasks are a cool way to drink alcohol. This Father’s Day gift your father a monogrammed hip flask with their initials on it. You can also give them a “Father’s Day-themed” hip flask with a quote or poem written on it.  


Cocktail spoon muddlers


A cocktail spoon muddler is used as a pestle to release the essence from fresh ingredients and infuse the drink with some unique flavours. This one is for those whose dads are fond of experimenting with different flavours in their cocktail.



Personalised beer mug


You can gift your father a fancy beer mug and get it customised for him. You can either get his name written or a Father’s Day quote on it to make it extra special for him.


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