Feel like giving up? Remember THESE 10 things before you do and continue to stay STRONG

You can come so far, it is not fair to give up just yet! Instead, focus on these thoughts to get through life and live better in the New Year!
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We all go through days when we don’t feel like getting out of bed. This feeling might last for days, weeks, months or even a couple of years. The feeling of helplessness and the sinking feeling in your stomach, is hard to get rid of. You feel like your life has lost all meaning and purpose. At times like this, it is obviously difficult to find that inspiration and light that will guide you through this dark phase.

So instead of pushing yourself to see the light, just remember a list of these things we have curated.

You have a track record of 100% when it comes to getting through those difficult days. You can surely endure more!

You don’t have to suffer during this time. Suffering is optional. It might be difficult, but over time, you will get over it. Just like you go over all the other hardships life threw at you.

You need to stop worrying about things that you can’t control. Instead, focus on changing things you can control. Make amends in your relationships, in your life, for a better you.

It is okay to make mistakes. Making mistakes only means that you are actually trying! You are expanding your horizon, attempting something new and even learning in the process.

And it is okay to fail too. Instead of thinking too much about your failures, think about where you would have been if you hadn’t even tried!

There is no success without effort. Whether it is with relationships, marriage, family, work or even college, every end result which is a success, has loads of effort behind it.

Don’t ignore the negative. The negative is what pushes you to strive harder and overcome everything. But at the same time, don’t stop being positive. It is the positive thoughts that will help get rid of all the stress.

Be selective in the battles you want to fight. You can’t control everything from other people’s emotions and feelings to how they perceive you. And there is no point in wasting your time to prove a point when the other person refuses to even look at it. Avoid the drama of the average day and move on.

When situations get tough, it does not mean you are doing things wrong. It just means when these situations get tough, you are doing them right! So, dedicate more time, have those tough conversations and get rid of all the negativity.

Everybody is talented in their own way. Just because somebody can do something better than you, does not mean you are not talented. It just means that your talent lies some place else or requires more effort, to finally get the limelight.

We know that all of these thoughts are easier said than actually done. But no harm in trying, right?

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