Feeling low? Here’s why it’s important to take a mental health day

We all have our low days but why wait for it to get worse before you let your mind get a day off? A mental health day may save you from burnout.
Feeling low? Here’s why it’s important to take a mental health dayFeeling low? Here’s why it’s important to take a mental health day
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You may have a firm head on your shoulders but that does not mean that you won’t have a day of emotional illness. Just like we fall sick once in a while and take a day off to rest we also fall mentally sick once in a while and our mind needs a mental health day. The everyday stress from your workplace and life can drain you out and make you feel too exhausted and most off us just ignore it. When you fall sick you don’t ignore it instead you see a doctor if it’s serious and if it’s just a common cold or fever or a headache, you simply take a day off the rest. If you feel physically fatigued, you take sick leave, but if you feel mentally fatigued you end up pushing yourself harder. You push yourself to work and ignore your mental health. Which is why most people don’t realize how big of a problem it is until they have a burnout.

It is essential to remember that our mind and our body are interconnected if one is unhealthy it will affect the other. A fever makes you feel angry and irritated. The same way when your mind needs a day off and you push it too far it starts affecting your body too. It starts affecting your sleep cycle and makes it worse. When your sleep pattern is disrupted it impacts your body and makes you lethargic. You may also start to feel anxious when you refuse to give your mind the time to heal and get better. You start to feel as if you’re losing track of things and you become incapable of handling things at your workplace and in your personal life. Concentrating becomes very difficult.

Once in a while when your mind feels low or sick you need a mental health day, just like any other sick leave use this day to help your mind relax and unwind. Every now and then your mind also needs a little break from the high stress at work. Don’t hesitate to ask for a mental health day to indulge your mind and get away for a day.

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