Feeling tired and drowsy of late? Try THESE hacks to feel energetic throughout the day

Kill tiredness and lethargy by starting your day on the right note and by following certain tips. Read on to know more.
People,Tiredness,laziness,drowsinessFeeling tired and drowsy of late Try THESE hacks to feel energetic throughout the day
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Bored, tired, fatigued, lethargic, drowsy, jaded etc! Have you using these words to describe your day. During this quarantine period, many people are complaining about being tired and not really energetic throughout the day. Being lethargic can negatively impact our productivity and considering many of us are working from home right now, we cannot afford to be drowsy. One of the common reasons could be lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation leads to daytime fatigue and irritable and cranky behavior. And lack of sunlight is what we have to blame now as we hardly get it right now.

For the unversed, sunlight helps to improve our body’s serotonin levels, which not only helps improve your sleep and it also gives you energy for the rest of the day. Now, we hardly travel or go outside in the morning and even morning jog has been thwarted. As you cannot go out, at least let bright lights, whether it’s sunlight or synthetic, be in the room so that you don't feel sleepy and gloomy.  But don't worry as there are certain ways that can help you to snap out of the feeling of tired all day. Read on to know more.

1. Don't hit the snooze button and drink a glass of water after waking up

Hitting a snooze button for 10 minutes of more sleep can actually disrupt your whole day. How? After walking as per body clock, we get fragmented sleep and the same can cause fatigue later in the day. After waking up instead of drinking caffeinated drinks like coffee or tea you should drink a glass of water. Anyways there are several health benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning, it will also make you refreshed and hydrated and give your much-need energy for the day.

2. Do some stretches in the morning

Instead of going back to sleep by hitting the snooze button or start your laptop to work, take out some time and do some stretches for a few minutes. When we are sleep, are muscles actually undergo a form of paralysis. Simple exercises and stretches, release endorphins and these hormones are very much needed for the better energy levels. 

3. Legs up the wall

After stretches, for few minutes, lie down on the mat or bed and put your legs against the wall. The blood rush leads to better circulation and helps vital organs. We have earlier shared the health benefits of this Yoga Asana as well. Read here.

4. Some vital diet tips for energy

Do you skip breakfast? Actually you should not as after long hours of fasting at night, we need energy from foods, so have a hearty and healthy breakfast which is full of nutrients. Also, try coconut oil instead of butter on your toast, it will give energy and burn off bad fats as well. Do you feel hungry after meals?

Then instead of unhealthy snacks try a small piece of dark chocolate. It’s filled with iron, which gives oxygen to your red blood cells and prevents tiredness. Theobromine boosts the central nervous system and keeps your charged.

5. Water splash

Cold shower, as soon as you wake up, will surely help you but if you don't want to or for the entire day what you can do is keep splashing your face with medium cold water or spritz from a spray bottle.

6. Stimulate your mind

Just like our body needs some physical activity, our mind also needs some stimulation and exercise. So, you can do it by solving a hard puzzle or read something that you won't normally read to give a major boost to your mental energy. 

7. Aromas can help

How can aroma improve your mood? Yes, there are certain scents that make you feel supercharged and get rid of grogginess. The scents you should go for are citrus, rosemary, peppermint, and eucalyptus. Just be careful with some scents, like lavender as they can have an opposite effect. 

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