Feline secrets your cat wishes she could tell you

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Feline secrets your cat wishes she could tell you
Feline secrets your cat wishes she could tell you

Cats are often regarded as mysterious creatures that have an air of royalty. Many suspect that they seldom communicate their true feelings. This keeps pet parents guessing when it comes to pondering whether or not their kitten likes the way they pet it, to wondering what goes on behind those soulful eyes. So if you believe that your feline pal is keeping secrets from you, it is time to decode some of them. Read on to discover some of the things feline behaviourists believe your cat would like to tell you.


My meals help me hydrate

If you’ve often wondered why your cat doesn’t drink enough water, then fret not. Historically, felines in the wild let their food meet their needs for moisture. They tend to do the same even now, so make sure your pet gets a lot of moist meals that have a healthy dose of water content. This could include chicken stock, frozen fish soup or even ice cubes frozen with a bit of meat, as these can encourage the kitty to hydrate. This is in addition to offering up a big dish of clean water for your pet, as that is critical.

feline behavioural secrets

I consider my human a useless cat

Renowned anthrozoologists have come to believe that felines consider humans as massive useless cats. Strangely, they do not realise that we are a different species, hence they probably treat you like a useless cat.


I’m always going to be a carnivore

Including a healthy portion of meat in your feline’s daily meal is imperative. Your cat may be happy to have a saucer of cream in addition to meals like fish and rice. But make no mistake that these animals need more protein and lesser carbohydrates. Hence, they generally get their nutrients from the animals they consume.

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Don’t pet my belly!

Doga certainly adore belly rubs, but your cat probably doesnt. Feline behaviourists believe that exposing her belly leaves a cat feeling most vulnerable. However, when a cat lays down and shows you her belly, it usually means that your pet feels safe and comfortable near you. But she may not really want you to touch it. 

feline behaviour secrets

Did these confessions resonate with you? Let us know if they helped you understand your feline friend a wee bit better!


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