Fever in Children: HERE’s everything parents should know about it

When your child is having fever, then don’t get nervous about it. It might be a viral infection that can be treated at home. You just need to know these things to handle the fever in your baby.
Fever in Children: HERE’s everything parents should know about it
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Parents get highly paranoid when their kids have a fever. They do several things to get their children cured of it. But parents need to understand that fever is quite common amongst kids and it’s not an illness.

Parents just need to handle the fever properly so that their little ones can get cured of this quickly without having any other health issues. And this includes attempting to strengthen their immunity level at this time as well. So, here’s everything parents need to know about it.

Fever in kids and how to handle them.

It’s not an illness

Parents often try to lower the body temperature instead of figuring out the actual reason behind the fever. But fever is actually the body’s reaction to an underlying infection like cold or stomach problem. And if your kid has a fever for several days without having any other symptoms then probably it’s roseola. So, it’s just a viral infection that can easily be treated at home.

100.4 degrees temperature for babies

If your baby is under three months and has 100.4 degrees temperature then it’s time to call your doctor immediately. Because at this phase, their immunity level is getting developed. So, parents need to be extra conscious.

For big kids

If your baby is 3 months or older and has a fever of 102 degrees F, then give acetaminophen or ibuprofen and a lukewarm bath. This fever should be alright in two to three days. But if it stays for more than three days then talk to your paediatrician.


Rapid changes in body temperature can be a symptom of seizures. So, talk to your doctor immediately if you can see any changes. If your child’s body is shaking and he is not responding to voices, then it might be seizures.

Digital thermometer

Doctors always recommend having a proper digital thermometer at home to get your baby’s body temperature checked frequently.


DISCLAIMER: It’s always recommended consulting your paediatrician

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