Find out how compatible Virat and Anushka are based on their zodiac sign

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Find out how compatible Virat and Anushka are based on their zodiac sign

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have set the bar too high for other celebrity couples. These two just can’t get enough of each other and they always leave us for wanting more. One glimpse of this cute couple in the Bollywood industry is enough to kickstart your day in the morning and rekindle the romance with your partner.

Setting major couple goals since when they first started dating, here is how Virat and Anushka’s sun signs affect their happy and successful married life that has inspired the hearts of many. Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are truly one of the most happening and heartwarming celeb couples who have proven to us that fairytales and happily ever after exists.

How we treat each other in a relationship depends a lot on your zodiac sign. Zodiac signs can decide how compatible you are with your partner and basis on which you can determine whether you both will be a good couple or not. Let us find out how compatible these two are based on their zodiac sign.

Anushka Sharma – Taurus

Anushka Sharma was born on May 1, being a Taurean is she confident, stubborn, and ambitious. Taureans are known to be caring, supportive and encouraging. They always try to push their partners into being the best version of themselves and achieving success. They value honesty and loyalty the most and value work ethics. This makes Anushka the perfect partner for Virat Kohli as what he needs is someone who pushes him and motivates him during tough times.



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Virat Kohli – Scorpio

Born on November 5, Virat Kohli is a scorpion who is determined to follow his path towards success and love. His dedication towards work and love life is what Anushka would appreciate and be attracted towards. Virat will always give his 100% and speak exactly what’s on his mind. Being one of the most passionate signs, Anushka would be blessed and lucky to have a partner who understands the meaning of love and adores her completely.


The relationship between a Taurus and Scorpio is one of love, passion and dedication. They are both good with consistency, and they both understand each other’s space. Communication is key in this relationship and there is no barrier between these two. There is no stopping this couple from being cute and cuddly when in each other’s company. They are almost inseparable!

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