Find out which Game of Thrones character are you based on your zodiac sign

Showcasing one of the most memorable and diverse characters, Game of Thrones portrays personality traits that each one of us can relate to. Some characters are despised while some are dearly loved. Here is your character from GOT based on your zodiac sign.
GOT Game of Thrones character based on zodiac sign
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The most binge-watched show of all time, GOT had created quite a stir across the world with its intense battle scenes and the plot twists in each episode. Arguably one of the most epic and ultimate shows ever created, Game of Thrones is hands down a top favourite that we can rewatch a million times again.

The show portrays such a versatile range of acting played by some prominent and the finest actors that it makes us believe that these are real-life personalities. The character development and the depth of each persona were intense and remarkable. 

While we may have our favourites in the show, here is your character that you resemble the most based on your zodiac sign.

Aries - Daenerys Targaryen

Feisty, charismatic, competitive and impulsive are all the key traits of Aries that strongly resemble the Queen of Dragons, Daenerys. Aries are restless and cannot stand losing and they often act out of their impulsive nature. People find their aggressive nature intimidating just like Danny in the show. 

Taurus - Prince Oberyn

A lover of all things fine and luxurious, a romantic at heart, loyal to the core and charming just like a Taurean, Prince Oberyn is a true reflection of every Taurean. He enjoys all the best things in life and is stubborn just like Taurus. His stubbornness leads to his downfall in the show.

Gemini - Jaime Lannister

Jamie Lannister truly represents Geminis as this sign is all about flirting, having fun, going out on adventures and yet, being a lover at heart. His two sides of being a bad guy and a good guy show that he is truly a Gemini. 

Cancer - Jon Snow

The overly emotional and sensitive Jon Snow resemble a Cancerian. Cancer people often think from their heart and take decisions accordingly even though it might not turn out to be in their favour. They have a tough exterior but they are gentle and faint hearted from inside. 

Leo - Tywin Lannister

The power and command that Tywin holds in the show is a reflection of a typical Leo. Leos like to be in power and they command respect from their disciples. Tywin is the most powerful character in the show, the ruler of all seven kingdoms that comprises this sign’s energy.  

Virgo - Brienne of Tarth

Like a real Virgo, loyalty, righteousness and logic are prized above all in her world. Nothing comes in the way of her ambitions and goals. She is committed and clear headed despite all the criticism and obstacles she faces in the show.

Libra - Tyrion Lannister

The diplomatic skills of a Libra, Tyrion Lannister displays what a true advisor can achieve. Libras thrive when they are resolving a conflict in order to bring harmony and peace and that’s exactly what Tyrion does in the show. 

Scorpio - Cersei Lannister

The vengeful and overly protective of her loved ones, Cercei Lannister is a reflection of a Scorpio. Much like Scorpios, Cercei is planning revenge and plotting against her enemies who turned their back towards her in order to teach them a lesson. She is unforgiving and doesn’t take an insult lightly. 

Sagittarius - Arya Stark

The character Arya Stark portrays a strong headed and adventurous Sagittarius who believes in finding justice and being free-spirited. Her will to fight the assassins all by herself fearlessly shows all the traits of a Sagittarius. Arya is rebellious in nature and doesn’t succumb to mere stereotypes or societal pressure. 

Capricorn - Petyr Baelish

Like a Capricorn, he possesses a lot of qualities like discipline, responsibility and craftsmanship. Besides being an inventor of chaos, Petyr’s work is a fundamental part of his identity. He is dedicated, sharp and intelligent.

Aquarius - Bran Stark

The introverted genius of the show, Bran Stark much like an Aquarius is the star of the show who takes away the throne with his sheer intelligence and unique abilities. He has an understanding of the world and can see far away ahead into the future, seeking all the possibilities. 

Pisces - Missandei

Much like Pisces, Missandei is caring, compassionate, sensitive and empathetic towards others. She puts other’s feelings before hers. She has a character in the show that is caring and gentle just like Pisces.

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Why do cancers always have to get the emo character?