Follow these 5 steps to make a DIY faux fireplace this Christmas

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Follow these 5 steps to make a DIY faux fireplace this Christmas

We all know Santa Claus comes from the fireplace! Having a fireplace is a Christmas tradition and is necessary to complete the Christmas festivities. But many do not have one at home. Fear not, we have for you an easy way to make your very own Faux Fireplace.

This is also a great place to hang your Christmas stockings. All you need is some cardboard, paints, yellow, red, brown and black craft papers and some glue. Follow these steps to make a DIY faux fireplace at home and soak in the Christmas cheer.

Step 1

According to the size of your fireplace, take the cardboard pieces and stick them together to make the base and the sides of the fireplace. You now have your basic structure ready.

Step 2

Cover these pieces with red craft paper and to make it look even more real, take the paint and start painting bricks on it.

Step 3

To make the floor of the fireplace, take the remaining cardboard pieces and glue them together. Cover these with black craft paper.

Step 4

To make the top, stick two cardboard pieces together and cover them with brown craft paper. This is the place where you will be hanging your faux stockings.

Step 5

Finally, to make the flames, draw flames on your yellow and red craft paper and cut them. Place them in the middle of the fireplace. To make the faux stockings, cut the shape of the stockings from the red craft paper and paste them on the top of the fireplace.

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