Follow these EASY ways to truly forgive and leave the past behind

Get rid of all the resentment, forgive people and move on to attain mental peace, wisdom and lead a stress-free life.

Updated on Dec 14, 2020 12:42 PM IST  |  678K
Follow these EASY ways to truly forgive and leave the past behind
Follow these EASY ways to truly forgive and leave the past behind
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Life is too short to keep grudges. It is better to forget the past, forgive the person and move on. Though it can be challenging to let go of the hurt and anger and make amends, for your own well being and peace of mind, it is always the right thing to do.


Forgiving someone, to be stress-free and to get rid of all the negative feelings and the pain, helps you in attaining an increased level of maturity and wisdom. You feel light and become a better person. Here are some simple ways to forgive and move on.


Unleash your feelings

Ironically, the best way to forgive and forget is to first assess the situation and your feelings towards it. Address the emotions before letting them go.

Let go of the grudge

It can be hard to let go when someone has hurt you and caused you pain. So, believe that keeping a grudge will get you nowhere and will do you no good and this is for your betterment.

Indulge in gratitude

Instead of focusing your energies on the negative things, bring your attention to the positive aspects of your life and be thankful for them.


Rise above the resentment

Tell yourself that you are better than this. There are so many things and so many people who need your love and attention. Don’t waste your time and energy on resenting that one person and move on.

Focus on yourself

Convince yourself that this is for your own good and your sanity. Forgiving and forgetting will make you a better, bigger and wiser person.

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