Follow these steps to find the posts that you’ve liked on Instagram

Updated on Jun 26, 2021 11:07 AM IST  |  207.7K
Follow these steps to find the posts that you’ve liked on Instagram

Instagram is a social media app wherein you post pictures, stories and videos to share with your followers. Users on Instagram interact with you by liking or commenting on your posts. Just like on most social media apps, the number of likes, determine the popularity of the person and sadly, sometimes also determine their self-worth.


“Likes” play a huge role on such social media apps. When you like someone’s post, you convey your interest in that post. You “like” posts because you find them relatable, funny or pretty, so it would indeed be helpful if you could keep a track of the posts that you’ve liked. 

So if you want to know about your previously liked posts, follow the steps given below.


Step 1


Open the Instagram app. Tap the menu button that looks like three horizontal lines, and then tap on “Settings”.


Step 2


In the Settings menu, tap on the “Account” option and scroll down until you see “Posts You've Liked”.


Step 3


Once you open this option, it will bring up the last 300 posts that you’ve liked.

Step 4


Another alternative to this is that you can “save” a certain post that you like a lot, to easily access it later on. You can do this by simply tapping on the bookmark-shaped icon in the bottom right corner of the post. To view your saved posts, simply go to your profile and tap on the three lines icon. Tap on “Saved” to open your saved posts.


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