Follow these tips to explore and build a meaningful podcast as shared by an expert

Podcasts are the latest form of entertainment these days and are an intimate content medium. Check out these tips shared by an expert to make a meaningful and interesting podcast.
expert tips to make a podcast Follow these tips to explore and build a meaningful podcast as shared by an expert
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There is a saying that if someone wants to take a photo with you, you're an influencer, but if someone walks up to you and starts talking to you like they've known you for years, then you're a podcaster.


Because podcasts are an intimate content medium, and while they're deployed across platforms listening to them is an intimate experience! You feel like you're immersed in the content as you listen to them plugged in, almost like you've been transported to the same room where the podcaster is recording. Which in many ways builds what can only be called a sense of intimacy that other social or video platforms do not. You listen and learn, you create and project information for someone to plug in and imbibe.

So how do you make a meaningful podcast?


You start by answering three specific questions:


1. Why should someone listen to your podcast? 


This is the foundational element of your podcast. Because people listen to podcasts for a varied set of reasons, from their need to be entertained or to learn something new or go deeper into a topic. The reasons are many. Still, you need to know what reason drives your podcast! If you're clear about that, you know what you're trying to deliver through your podcast.


2. What are you individually bringing to it?


Every podcaster brings their personality to the content of their podcast. It could be how they speak or their personality, their unique perspective on the world, or how they approach dealing with the subject matter. It's these elements that make your podcast truly yours and set you apart from everyone else's. Understanding what your voice stands for or means is the core differentiator that defines your relationship with your audience.

3. How long can you consistently create this podcast while maintaining your core focus?


Podcasts are a marathon, not a sprint. It's a slow process of building an audience over time by consistently creating content that engages your audience. In doing so building yourself a playground to try different aspects of the area of focus of your podcast. If you make the playground too small, you might run out of things to talk about, but if you build it too wide, you might lose the focus you need for a captive audience. So, think about the long term and keep adapting your content to suit your audiences' needs and your ability to create.


If you can focus and build on the above three aspects, you'll be able to create a meaningful podcast that genuinely has an intimate and long-term relationship with its listeners. 


About the author: Varun Duggirala is a content creator, podcaster, entrepreneur and personal development pundit.


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