Game of Thrones fanatic? Find out which GoT character you are based on your zodiac sign

OMG! We’re are super close to the ultimate EPIC series Game of Thrones which has already come close to its end as this will be the finale season. Aren't we all pumped up to find out which of our theories will be proved right? Meanwhile, read on to find out which GoT character represents your zodiac sign!
People,Game of thrones,zodiac,characterGame of Thrones fanatic? Find out which GoT character you are based on your zodiac sign
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Three more nights until the long wait comes to an end! For many of us, Game of Thrones is an alternate universe we escape into, and the characters in the epic series are filled to the brim with dimension. So much so that, even after seven seasons, any tiny bit we hear about one of the characters leaves our hearts racing. Thus, we cannot agree more to the fact that it's the characters who make the show so addictive and it's them who makes the show so unique at the same time.


Now, while you wait to find out which of the gazillion theories will happen in the final episodes as the series draws to close, find out which character can be seamlessly matched with your zodiac sign!

Aries: Daenerys Targaryen

Being the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is known for its leadership skills and charisma, but also for its impulsiveness and temper. They can be super fiery and bold, so Daenerys is the perfect character to embody this driven sign. Being the mother of dragons, she has the right amount of intensity and power an Aries would have in order to their enemies bow down to. Plus, her go-getter attitude has led to great confidence; she never fears to go after what her heart wants.

Taurus: Catelyn Stark

Never bowing down in front of anybody, and never failing to maintain grace and dignity under pressure, Lady Catelyn radiates the tenacity and control of a Taurus. Unconditionally loyal to her family and always with her position in mind, she strategizes the greatest plan and commits to her word. Love of this zodiac sign is desirable and compassionate.

Gemini: Arya Stark

The twin sign of the zodiac represents two different identities moulded as one. They showcase an ability to wear “many faces” a description that fits Arya Stark perfectly. Adaptable and logical, Arya knows how to play the game extremely well. With a Gemini, people are often unsure if they will be restless, cold-hearted and nomadic.

Cancer: Jon Snow

A complete family guy, Jon embodies Cancers, who are natural nurturers at heart. He often tries to mask his sensitive heart ignorer to receive respect from those around him, Jon Snow is one of the greatest heroes of the series. The King in the North can be moody from time to time and those who hang out with Cancers often might understand well.

Leo: Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion has been terribly overlooked by his family from the very beginning. But anyone who comes across him can't deny his ability to enchant and command. Tyrion Lannister is the best representative for both this house and sign. Clever, creative, and cheeky, Leos are often tempted to be lazy and arrogant owing to their admittedly admirable wit. Leo’s self-confidence, bravery and smooth-talking have allowed him to survive the harshest of trials.

Virgo: Brienne of Tarth

Nobody but the bold Lady Brienne has the purest of intentions. Like a real Virgo, loyalty, righteousness and logic are prized above all in her world. She is a fiercely intimidating warrior in her own right. Even though she comes across many a chance to use her power for selfish needs, Brienne always stands by her commitments as a knight, maintaining a clear head despite criticism of her gender's ability to fight.

Libra: Sansa Stark

Libra is the goddess of love and beauty. What better character to represent this zodiac sign than the lovely, gracious, feisty Sansa Stark? The lady knows how to play the game of politics. Sansa, like the Libra, can be vain and indecisive, but at heart, she is peaceful and dutiful. The Lady of Winterfell is all about balance and keeping peace with others, which is Libra's greatest need.

Scorpio: Cersei Lannister

Like the mighty Scorpio, Cersei can be pretty intense and LOVES being in charge of literally everything. She is not born evil but she has fought all her life to earn respect despite constantly being pushed down. There is no point in trying to mess with her because you wouldn't win.

Sagittarius: Jaime Lannister

Being true to his house, Jaime has a wild streak in him, and he very well represents this zodiac sign. He’s a complete adventurer and warrior and refuses to be tied down to the traditional idea of what a man of such a high house should be. Even with the orders and wishes from his loved ones in mind, he always follows his intuition.

Capricorn: Petyr Baelish

Littlefinger represents this zodiac sign quite perfectly. Like a Capricorn, he possesses a lot of handy qualities – discipline, responsibility and craftsmanship. Besides being an inventor of chaos, Petyr’s work is a fundamental part of his identity.

Aquarius: Bran Stark

Often considered the "genius" of the zodiac, those born under the Aquarius sign may have some unique abilities. As the new three-eyed raven, he has been astral projecting and receiving visions all his life, and he's only now beginning to understand the extent of his time-bending powers. Plus, Bran is a little emotionally detached, which tends to be a trait of this sign.

Pisces: Melisandre

Being one of the oldest characters in the series, Melisandre represents the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces. All along, she has revealed unique and supernatural powers, and as a woman, this too connects to the Pisces. They are super mysterious and talk about entirely different world thoughts.

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