Gandhi Jayanti 2020: 5 lessons your kids can learn from the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi

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Gandhi Jayanti 2020: 5 lessons your kids can learn from the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi

What comes to mind when we speak of the great Mahatma Gandhi are only valuable lessons that he left behind as his legacy. This day evokes emotions of non-violence, justice, honesty, peace, kindness and so much more that can be helpful for kids in today’s time and age.

The man of great sacrifices to achieve the happiness of millions was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi born on October 2, 1869. He fought with bravery for the freedom of India against the British rule and this day we celebrate the birth of Gandhiji across the globe. Even today, his teachings are taught to children and the generations gone in the past as he inspires us through all walks of life.


Here are the 5 key lessons that kids can take away from Gandhiji’s valuable teachings throughout his life before he left us and went to a better place in heaven.

1. Speak the truth

Teach your child that no matter what the mistake is, own up to it and choose to speak the truth because that will save you in the long run. Truth alone triumphs, truth overcomes all bonds and it is always better to mend relationships by willing to speak the truth even if it hurts.

2. Choose the path of non-violence

One of the key lessons that Gandhiji taught us was to always choose the path of non-violence. He believed that any situation could be solved without raising your voice or creating violence to win battles. Battles and wars can be won with non-violence, kindness and empathy. He remembered to endure resilience during tough times while remaining calm, honest and kind. You can teach your kids the importance of non-violence and that not every situation needs a reaction.

3. Forgive yourself and others

It’s important to let go of the past, to forgive who hurt you and forgive yourself if you caused hurt to someone else. In order to remain happy, it’s imperative to let go of unhappy and negative thoughts and not hold a grudge against someone. Your children can learn how to forgive their peers if they did them wrong and move on with nothing but best wishes for them.

4. Spread love and kindness


The world is a better place to live in with peace, love and kindness all around and it all starts from within. Teach your kids at a young age to learn and appreciate love and not run away from it. This will imbibe good qualities and happy thoughts that they will carry forward when they grow up with only one aim - to spread love and kindness.

5. Never give up

As kids, they might not know and experience any hardships as form of rejections and failures. As and when they grow up, they will be thrown into a world of uncertainty that is ruled by selfish acts, cruelty and fake projections that they are not ready to face yet. Teach your children to never give up, to stay strong and fight back with more compassion and strength. Even if the whole universe is conspiring against them, one day they will walk with their head held high and look back with pride in their eyes because they never gave up.

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