Ganesh Chaturthi 2021: 5 Ways to please Lord Ganesha this festival

Updated on Sep 11, 2021 08:13 AM IST  |  70.9K
Please Lord Ganesha by following these steps
Ways to please Lord Ganesha this festival

While we all will try our best to please Bappa with naivedya and modaks, and seek his blessings and a solution to all our problems hereon during the 10-day long festival, we always want to go that extra mile and do something special to make Lord Ganesha even happier.

From the sweet-smelling flowers to the sparkling lights, we bring everything home for Bappa. However, the question is what can we do more? Here, we bring to you a list of things that you can do apart from the traditions to please Bappa during this time.

Feed stray animals

While the lockdown had made many people come forward and take care of the stray animals, however, if we adopt this as a regular practice, more so during and after festivals and ever after, there’s nothing better that we can do to please Bappa more.


Lend a helping hand

To all those who are in need, we should be ever ready to offer help. Since Lord Ganesha is the God of wisdom, prosperity, and happiness, we should follow his footsteps and try to bring smiles to as many people as we can. Feeding the needy and helping them will not only give us inner peace but will also make Lord Ganesha happy.


Staying away from lies

Lying has become a part of our daily routine. Whether it is about giving a reason for arriving late for a meeting or missing a day at work, we always tend to cover up our mistakes with a lie. However, we should be courageous enough to accept our mistakes, rectify them and not repeat them in the future. Lying is hard, but speaking the truth is even harder. So, if you want to please Bappa a little more this Ganesh Chaturthi, then try and live a truthful life.

Spread knowledge

Education is the stepping stone for a meaningful life, not that the ones who are deprived of it, for some reason, don’t live one. But yes, education plays an important part in shaping the character of a person. Try and spread knowledge, educate the masses and share the importance of education with them. Lord Ganesha will surely help you in this cause.


Stay grounded

A small success and we often forget where and how we reached a particular stage in life. Staying grounded will not only keep you close to your loved ones but will also help you achieve more heights. A grounded person will often try and achieve something extra in life. And if you have started this during Ganesh Chaturthi, because better late than never, then there are high chances that you will earn Lord Ganesha’s support and blessings.

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