Gemini, Cancer, Libra: THESE zodiac signs never feel good enough about themselves

Updated on Mar 29, 2020 01:17 PM IST  |  3.4M
Gemini, Cancer, Libra: THESE zodiac signs never feel good enough about themselves
Gemini, Cancer, Libra: THESE zodiac signs never feel good enough about themselves

Some people always think that they are the best, while there are others who self-doubt themselves even after giving their best. Some people do even the smallest thing with confidence, while others achieve great success but are still not confident about it. Such people self-doubts themselves, which then leads to making wrong decisions. Some people think that they are not good enough for love, not good enough for society's standards, not good enough to live. And this thinking turns into a horrible self-fulfilling prediction. 


As per astrology, some zodiac signs think like this and they are never satisfied with themselves, they never feel good enough about themselves, which then leads to many other issues in their lives. They not only doubt themselves, but they also doubt others who speak good about them. Read below to find out which zodiac signs think that they are not good enough. 


Zodiac signs that never feel good about themselves. 





Geminis aspire to do their best and outshine among others, but due to their self-doubt, they falter to do so. They have a dual personality, at times, they are sure about the choices they make, and at another moment, they regret the same choices. They are positive always, but there's something inside them that they feel shame over, something they can never admit. 





Cancerians have the dire need to keep their friends and family happy since they fear rejection. Cancerians are loved and appreciated by people around them, but they still wonder if they are worth it. They could be the most attractive and brilliant person in the room, and they will never feel worthy of the honest and sincere compliments they will receive.





Virgos are feisty, but they are also defensive, which means that they are always defending something. They not only defend their sense of inferiority, but some triggers make them feel like an outcast, unable to fit into society. They seek greatness but rarely attain it, as they self-sabotage all the way, due to perfectionism. 





Libras are kind and likeable, but they never get into talking about themselves. They will act the part of the sweet person until they feel too exposed; then you will see them resort to their true nature. It's the self-hate that makes Libra into creating this "nice act," and they would be appalled if anyone knew who there were.





Unfortunately, Scorpios end up making the wrong decisions all the time. They do this because they've accepted the fact that they are not worth it. Scorpios don't want you to know what's up with them and hence you end up thinking that maybe it's because of you. The more they do this, the worse they feel and this you have to pay more for their misery.


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