Which pet to choose as per your zodiac sign?

According to astrology, our choice of pets is different from each other and it depends a lot on our zodiac traits. So, let’s find out which pet would be the best for you according to your star signs. Find out right below.
Which pet to choose as per your zodiac sign?Which pet to choose as per your zodiac sign?
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Deciding for a pet is not an easy job as it’s not just about playing and cuddling with them all the time. They need to match your lifestyle and your personality also to be friendly with you. Often, we mistakenly choose a pet that doesn’t go well with our family and then we need to end up giving it to someone else. All types of domestic animals are not for everyone. You need to do a little research about which one is the best for you.

But if you decide about it based on your zodiac sign, then there is no need of any studies to choose the best pet for you. Astrology follows the personality traits of each sun sign as they are highly different from each other. So, our choice of pet would also be different. Our zodiac traits can define which pet would be the best for us. Find out right below.

Best pets to have according to your star signs.

Aries- A puppy

Aries people are bold, passionate and highly energetic. They like to socialise with people a lot. So, an energetic and playful puppy would match their passionate personality the most as dogs also want a lot of attention.

Taurus- Hamster

Taureans are grounded, dependent and a bit lazy. They want an animal who would be cuddly but require a very low-maintenance. So, a hamster would be good for them. They are cute, cuddly and easy to take care of.

Gemini- Parrot

People of this zodiac sign like to think and talk constantly. And they love animals a lot. A parrot is a great option for them to nurture. They are not only interesting and intelligent, but they will also talk to you constantly.

Cancer- Hedgehog

Any highly energetic pet is not a good idea for Cancer people because they are very emotional and moody as well. So, a cute and little hedgehog can be a good pet for Cancerians. They are very good at nurturing as well.

Leo- Cat

You like to be the centre of attention always and surrounded by exotic things. So, a cat, especially the Bengal cat would be good for Leos because they can also catch everyone’s attention with their appearance.

Virgo- Fish

Representatives of this sun sign are highly organised and perfectionist. They like to keep things neat and clean. So, a dog or a cat would never be a good choice for them as they make a lot of mess. A Virgo will always go for a fish which can be a great companion without making any mess.

Libra- Rabbit

Librans like to get surrounded by beautiful things. So, they will always want a pet which will catch everyone’s attention. But they always want to cuddle their pet friends a lot. So, a cute and cuddly rabbit is best for Librans.

Scorpio- Snake

You are mysterious, emotional and have a dark side just like a snake. You can only appreciate the mysterious nature of the snake with the distinct beauty of this reptile.

Sagittarius- Older cat

The world traveller of all the zodiac signs, Sagittarius would want a pet with a very low-maintenance which doesn’t demand attention at all. So, an older cat is best for you based on your traits.

Capricorn- Guinea pig

People of this star sign are very hardworking but very patient as well. So, they can provide their pets with the care and pamper they need to nurture. So, you can adopt a Guinea pig.

Aquarius- Birds

You demand a pet which is unique like your personality. You want your pets to be more intelligent rather than cute and less needy. So, you can have birds who are intelligent and interesting.

Pisces- Older dog

Pisceans are very emotional so they need a pet who can understand their emotions. A well-trained and cuddly older dog is a great option for you to cuddle all the time.

This Day That Year
Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I'm a Taurus and would rather eat an animal than have it as a pet.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Pets have nothing to do with zodiac sign. They are loyal and loving irrespective of their sign.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I feel pet has nothing to do with zodiac sign. Pets are loyal and loving irrespective of their zodiac sign.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I’m A Scorpio I Would NEVER Have A Snake For A Pet I’m Terrified Of Snakes They Are EVIL

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

A guinea pig? Really? NO I don't think so. If I'm going to have a pet, cat works just fine.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I'm a capricorn, my brother (a cancer) had a Guinea pig when we were growing up and NO thank you. I'm a proud, and slightly crazy, cat lady.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I'd love to have a pet but I'm sure that I don't want hamster!

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I'm a capricorn. Who in the world has a guinea pig for a pet? Not me, nor will I ever. They look too much like rats. Fish are more my style.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Oyyy yea.... I go for puppy...

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

im a virgo, once had some fish. terrible pets. now a dog, properly trained... thats a good pet

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Scorpio and I love snakes but my huddy is scared of them though he too is a Scorpio

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Ha ha ha that's a ironical situation u guys got but get over fear is 1 of the keys to life as well.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I'm a Taurus and a hamster is not a pet, it's lab animal. Not sure why cat went to Leo. This seems pretty bias based on naming standards. A house cat is nothing like a lion or a Leo.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Animal abuse,u human

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

What do you even mean by saying hamsters are lab animals? There are so many people in the world who have cute little hamsters as their pets for years...So please don't label them as lab animals, as if they are only meant for performing experiments on.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I'm a Libra and I and Saggitarius rising. And born yera if the rabbit. I love the asthetics of rabbits and collect rabbit type figurines or frogs around me for witchery. I actually am a pet sitter and I have a dog and a cat. And I want to get an RV someday and that might be perfect for a rabbit... But my teenager wants a snake so that wouldn't be the best combo. As an old white hair old lady... I will probably have a rabbit, then.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

This whole thing is absolutely stupid and u people need to do better with ur life's

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I am a Virgo. I wouldn't have fish in my home on a BET! Fish STINK! I like cats even with a cat box!

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Libra and my first pet was a bunny and I loved it!

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

So cute of u to use the word bunny. I love cat and bunny too.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I'm a libra...rabbit? Really? Where do u people get this crap? Cat. That's the animal I like. Rabbit? Smh

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I'm a virgo and I love dogs and want to have a husky one day....smh I swear every horoscope I read about me be wrong lol.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I'm a libra and love all animals but there are very few I would not want and I don't ever want a rabbit

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