Give a break to heading into the pub: 'wellness parties'is the biggest party trend in town

Give those hangovers and bright lights a break, and opt for this easier, healthier option!
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Are you one of those people who likes partying but still wants those 8 hours of sleep? Well, there's a solution to your dilemma! A new trend is catching up where parties are no more associated with loud music, alcohol, late nights, oily finger food, and more! For millennials who love to dance to their heart's content, there's a new kind of party they are participating in the wellness party! So sport those sneakers, your favourite slinky pants and get ready to show off those moves! 

This is an all-new pop-up trend where the venue is constantly changing from a person's house to a dance studio. Expect loud music blasting through the speakers at the venue post-sunset, so it is convenient for corporate people to attend, as well as college kids. More and more people are opting for this new party trend as it not only helps burn calories by dancing and being healthy, but there is no issue of getting home at odd hours. In short, no problem with transport. 

Since it revolves around wellness, those attending can expect everything from healthy smoothies to herbal teas, healthy ice creams and even protein bars, to munch and binge on. It is a sort of evolution from the concept of "forest parties" that were all the rage in America, sometime back. Since it is a party, you also get to socialise with like-minded people and bond over health, fitness and the sorts. 

It is also an upgrade from zumba which focuses more on losing weight by following steps by a trainer. Here, you can move in your own way to the music playing. No barriers, no steps to follow. It is also perfect for those new parents who have absolutely no time to work out or attend parties. This is the perfect in-between!

So next time, instead of heading to that noisy and crowded club, thinking you have no other option, think again!

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