Going to be a Dulhania soon? THESE are the adorable movies that you should watch to get into the wedding mood

Are you going to get married soon and want to enjoy your last few days as a bride-to-be? Then watch these adorable movies right away. These movies will make you laugh, cry and will make you all emotional.
Going to be a Dulhania soon? THESE are the adorable movies that you should watch to get into the wedding mood Going to be a Dulhania soon? THESE are the adorable movies that you should watch to get into the wedding mood
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As a woman, there are many milestones that we achieve in life. When it comes to achieving a milestone, a wedding is one milestone that all of us achieve at some or the other point of our lives. Wedding is one of the important occasions of every girl's life and we plan our wedding right from our teenage years. Be it wearing a designer outfit, or having 10 functions and multiple outfit change, we all have a dream wedding in our mind. Some like to keep it mellow, while others prefer going all out with their wedding because "Shaadi toh ek hi baar hoti hai", yaar!


And if you are someone who is going to get married in a couple of weeks and have already applied for a leave from your work, then these are some movies that you should consider watching. These 10 amazing movies are all about the wedding and will surely get you into the wedding feel. 


2 States:


The love story of a Punjabi guy and south Indian girl who struggle to make their families like each other is not only dramatic, but it's fun to watch too. From Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor’s chemistry to those funny little moments in the story, 2 States is a treat to watch. And of course, the wedding scene, in the end, is surreal and breathtaking. 


Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge:


DDLJ is synonymous to weddings. The timeless love story of Raj and Simran still makes our heart skip a beat even though we’ve watched it a million times. It is the story about fighting for the one you love and is about winning hearts and living life.



The Wedding Date:


Do you believe in destiny? Well after watching this movie you will believe in destiny. Kat is single and the maid of honour at her younger sister’s wedding. But just before the wedding day she gets anxious, and hires a male escort to be her date at the wedding. And before she realises, the fake setup turns into something she never expected.


The wedding planner:


When it comes to wedding, wedding planners are very important. They help you achieve your dream wedding. And The Wedding Planner is a movie where Mary is a wedding planner. She plans the perfect weddings for couples but hasn’t been on a date herself in the last two years. And then she meets Steve, the perfect guy! It is a story about finding love at the wrong time, but, for the right reason. 


Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani:


Wedding or no wedding, this movie always manages to connect with us on a different level. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani is all about falling in love, living life and of course attending your BFF’s larger-than-life wedding. This movie is wedding goals for almost every desi girl!


Father of The Bride:


This movie will surely get you all emotional. It revolves around the emotions a father goes through when his little girl grows up, and he realises that it’s time for her to get married. You’ll want to go give your dad a tight hug after you watch this.

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