Good Vibes: THESE simple ways can help you to clean your aura

Cleansing aura can make a real difference in your life. And now you can do it at home too. Read below to find out how you can cleanse your aura at home as per your convenience.
Good Vibes: THESE simple ways can help you to clean your aura Good Vibes: THESE simple ways can help you to clean your aura
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If you are falling sick quite often and are irritable most of the time, then maybe it's time to clean your aura. While many people don't believe in the power of cleansing, it works for many. When it comes to the aura, it's an energy field that surrounds your body. Your aura can experience stress as you exchange energies with those around you, which is exactly why you need to clean your auric field from time to time. It is impacted by people you interact with or places you visit. 


Since we meet tons of people daily, it's natural for our aura to get weak. And that results in feeling stressed, anxious, irritated, lethargic and much more. And to get rid of that feeling, it's essential to clean your aura. Now, you can do that at home as well. Read below to find out how. 


Aura cleansing bath:


There's a reason why you feel relaxed after taking a shower. When it comes to aura cleansing, this bath is a ritualistic process, where you use salt, essential oils and herbs to clean your energy field. To have an aura cleansing bath, fill the tub and add a few drops of essential oils, 1 cup of Himalayan sea salt to it. You can also add sandalwood and rose to enhance the effect. Bath with it for at least 10 minutes and imagine that all the negativity is washing away with the water. After the cleansing bath, make sure to discharge the herbs and flowers after each use. Drain the remaining saltwater.




It is one of the oldest aura cleansing practices and is done with white sage. It is the burning of sacred herbs and using the smoke coming out of it, to cleanse your aura. Use any of the herbs including sage, thyme and cedar. To perform this, light the bundle of herbs like an incense stick and pass the smoke gently over every part of your body.




Wash and dry your hands before doing this aura cleaning exercise. Find a quiet place and visualise your aura. Close your eyes and start cleaning the space around you with your hands. Start with the top of your head and clean the space around you and go all the way down to the toes. Make it a point to wash your hands after you are done cleaning the negative energy.


Positive affirmations:


Close your eyes and start chanting positive affirmations that you are comfortable with. Repeat them as many times as you want till the time you feel the message vibrating through your body. Do this daily to strengthen your energy field.

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