Gudi Padwa and Ugadi amid Coronavirus Lockdown: HERE's how you can celebrate the festivals at home

Celebrating Ugadi, Gudi Padwa and other festivals will not be the same, but nevertheless we can still celebrate it at home. Read below to find out how to celebrate this auspicious occasion at home.
Gudi Padwa and Ugadi amid Coronavirus Lockdown: HERE's how you can celebrate the festivals at homeGudi Padwa and Ugadi amid Coronavirus Lockdown: HERE's how you can celebrate the festivals at home
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Coronavirus cases in India are increasing with time, and because of that, the PM Narendra Modi decided to impose a 21-day lockdown across all states in India. Unfortunately, people cannot celebrate festivals with their loved ones. Today on this auspicious occasion of Gudi Padwa, Ugadi, Cheti Chand, Navreh and Sajibu Cheiraoba, we know how much you must be miss celebrating these festivals with your loved ones. With socializing ruled out, malls and restaurants shut, Ugadi or Gudi Padwa is anything but normal this year.

However, with the current situation, we cannot celebrate the festival on a grand level, but we can celebrate it at home with our loved ones. Read below to find out how you can celebrate this festival with your loved ones at home and make the most of it in this quarantine phase.

Here’s how you can celebrate festivals at home:

Substitute and DIY:

Jaggery and neem leaves are an integral part of the celebration, but if you don't have neem leaves at home and don't know how to source it from outside, you can substitute it with methi seeds. If you can't arrange for mango leaves to decorate the house, you can always replace it with colourful papers. Due to the lockdown, if you couldn't buy new clothes for the festival, it's fine- you can wear your normal clothes and celebrate the festival by putting on some music and dancing on it with your family. It's all about keeping the spirits high in this time of distress.

Sometimes less is more:

Usually, during festivals, we tend to feast on 5-course meals, but because of the lockdown, our body is unable to get enough physical exercise. So instead of preparing extravagant meals, decide on two dishes and help your mom cook it. In this way, you'll not only spend some time with your mom but will also end up learning something.

Send e-greetings:

The most memorable and joyous part of celebrating festivals is visiting our relatives' house and spending the occasion with them or inviting everyone to our place for a feast. But with the current situation, even though it's sad we can't do so. But what we can do instead is send e-greetings to your loved ones, share videos and photographs with them so that they can be a part of the celebrations and feel connected.

Wish the best:

Every year we pray for the health and well being of our family, but in this time of trouble we all should pray for our country and for people across the globe who are fighting this battle against coronavirus. Let's pray for the flattening of the curve, and humans in general.

Maintain social distance:

The whole purpose of this lockdown is to avoid coming in contact with people for a few days. So maintain that and do not even invite your neighbours or our area friends for a feast. Spend this time with your family and make the most of it.

We wish you a happy and safe new year! 

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