A Guide to maintaining positivity during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely messed up the daily routine of every individual. Mr JC Chaudhry who is a renowned numerologist and a motivational speaker shared his views on how to stay optimistic during the pandemic.

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A Guide to maintaining positivity during the pandemic
A Guide to maintaining positivity during the pandemic

The pandemic has surely changed our routine and our lifestyle. But everything is changeable and nothing is fixed. If you see today, it will not be like yesterday or tomorrow because change is a law of nature and those who adjust to changing times by their flexibility are better persons who are winners and who can survive.

Let me give you one random example of how one can draw positivity from Bollywood films. Whenever you need health advice you can watch Dharmendra’s movie and if you need advice on parental responsibilities, watch Rajendra Kumar movies. These movies really help in confronting problems of life and deal with them in a positive manner. The movie should never be treated as entertainment but as a source of learning and one should strive to imbibe what these wonderful actors said in life. This example teaches us that one should not get bogged down in any circumstances. 

Another film that you can draw inspiration from is the movie Trishul in which Amitabh Bachchan tells his father that he achieved in months what he took years to achieve. This is because Bachchan changed and adapted to changing times. And that is what you all also need to do.

One should think of this pandemic as getting an opportunity to utilise the available time in the best possible way, which one would otherwise have never been able to do. The attitude should remain positive and should be used as an opportunity for learning new things and mastering other skills. There are lessons to be learnt everywhere and the pandemic too can teach us a number of lessons, the most important of which is to do whatever you have to do today instead of pushing it for tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day to do something else. You can achieve this only if you think positively and do not let negative thoughts pull you down.

Being pessimistic and thinking negative amid these gloomy times means you are sowing seeds of negativity in your mind, which will only take away your vital energy, leave you enervated and will leave you nowhere. So, say goodbye to negativity and live and work with a positive approach. If autumn has come, can spring be far behind? History tells us that time passes and life carries on as it did even after world wars I and II. Hence, this time will also pass and it is not going to stay forever.

The history is replete with examples which show that obstacles and struggles in human life make them more resilient and a stronger person in life. History has shown time and again that those people with strong willpower and self-confidence did well and created wonders in life. So, always look at and think of any problem from the positive side. Do not remain in the company of negative persons and disconnect yourself from those who always talk negatively.


If you always ponder over what will happen and waste your time then you will be a loser. Time once lost will be lost forever and will not come back. 

If you remain cool and maintain the right balance of mind and body, I think you can perform much better in any field that you choose to be – higher studies, becoming entrepreneurs or professionals.

Rather than keeping the mind disturbed, your goal should be fixed in life. A paper on which you pen down your goals should be pasted in your room so that it reminds you regularly what your goals are as you have set these goals yourself. I know it is easy to say this but not so easy to implement. But if you stay calm, patient and keep yourself happy through positive thinking in these trying times or whenever you face a challenge that seems insurmountable you are bound to succeed. 


About the author: J.C. Chaudhary is an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker and a numerologist.

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