Halloween 2021: 4 Best movies to watch on this day

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Halloween 2021: 4 Best movies to watch on this day
Halloween 2021: 4 Best movies to watch on this day

Halloween is celebrated on October 31. It celebrates all things spooky! It includes things such as carved pumpkins, ghosts and trick or treat. It is believed that on November 1, i.e. on All Saints’ Day, the souls of the dead return to their homes, so people dress up in costumes and light bonfires to ward off spirits on the eve of this day. 


So to celebrate this day and get into the spooky spirit, we have for you a list of movies that you can watch to scare yourself and get into Halloween mode!


Halloween 2021 movies




This film is about two twin sisters who don’t know about the existence of each other and neither do they know about the special magical powers that they possess.




Frankenstein is a fascinating film about a mad scientist creating a living being from different body parts. This living being ends up turning into a monster as he has a criminal’s brain.


Hocus Pocus


Max is a young boy who unknowingly lights the cursed Candle of Black Flame. What follows is the resurrection of three witches who are determined to begin a reign of terror.


The Witches


This film is a dark fantasy horror film and is perfect for Halloween. It is a story about an orphan who encounters witches. Little does he know, that these witches are trying to get rid of all children in the world!


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