Happy Daughters Day: 8 Products you can gift your daughter who is off to college or shifting

Updated on Sep 27, 2021 05:18 AM IST  |  116.2K
Happy Daughters Day: 8 Products you can gift your daughter who is off to college or shifting
Happy Daughters Day: 8 Products you can gift your daughter who is off to college or shifting

Daughters Day is to be celebrated on 26th September this year and if your daughter is starting off in a new college and shifting away then you must gift her something that she can use while she is away from home. Adjusting in a new house is not an easy job. So this daughters day, help your daughter make her house a home with these products. 

Bedside Caddy 

Has it ever happened to you that as soon as you tuck yourself in bed you realise you forgot to get your charger? Spare your daughter from that stress! There are certain essentials that she would want within arm reach from her bed. This bedside organiser will make her life 10 times easier and her room much cleaner by keeping all her essentials and belongings together on her bedside while she is in bed. 


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Plastic Water Bottle 

This 1-litre infuser water bottle comes with a gel ice ball, an infusing rod, a bottle cleaning brush and a recipe ebook that will ensure that your daughter stays hydrated through the day when you are not there to constantly remind her. The water also tastes delicious and will become an absolute essential for her. 


Price: Rs.899

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Table Lamp 

This LED, battery-operated table lamp works as a multi-utility item. Your daughter can use it as a pen stand, a night light, a phone stand, a stationery tray and it has a charging point as well. It will fulfill all her needs at once! 


Price: Rs.675

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6-Photograph Collage 

This 6-photograph collage is a great gift to give your daughter who is going to be staying away from you. You can frame your best memories so that she never feels alone and homesick. She can cherish your memories with her forever with this beautiful frame. 


Price: Rs.799

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Makeup Storage Box 

This desk makeup organiser comes with a drawer and features a compartment design, which could hold different items at the same time. It has multiple uses and therefore your daughter can use it in her dressing room, bathroom, study room, office, toilet, living room, bedroom bedside table and other space. The makeup storage box has a drawer, convenient to store cosmetics, jewellery, accessories, watches and other small objects. 


Price: Rs.199

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Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera 

Gift your daughter this instant camera so that she can capture all her memorable moments and keep them with her for life. She can even make a scrapbook of her best moments that she spends away from home. The old-school charm of printed photographs is undeniable and your daughter will definitely cherish this gift forever. 


Price: Rs.5990

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4 Layer Hanging Organiser 

Your daughter will thank you for this over-the-door 4-pocket organiser. It will work wonders for your daughter if she has a small or shared bedroom. She can simply hang it over the inside of the bathroom or bedroom door and store those items that she needs regularly, without cluttering the already messy room any further. 


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