Happy Teddy Day 2019: Reasons why teddy bears make the best of the gifts for the Valentines week

After sharing sweet memories with chocolates, now, it’s time to celebrate your love with a cuddle.
People,valentines week,teddy day,teddy bearsHappy Teddy Day 2019: Reasons why teddy bears make the best of the gifts for the Valentines week
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Gifting a super cuddly and cute teddy bear to your loved one on this day, i.e. the fourth day of the Valentine’s week, is the best way to express your love. Gifting such an adorably stuffed toy can make anyone’s day. Been waiting to figure out a perfect gesture to say ‘I love you’ to that special someone you hopelessly fancy? Then, this is your chance! Teddy bears are so versatile that they easily adapt to every situation and celebration. Here are 3 reasons why gifting a teddy bear can put a smile on your loved one’s face and save those of you who are planning to express their feeling to that special someone from rejection on ‘Teddy Day’.

They are a bundle of joy

Teddy bears are soft, cuddly and extremely adorable! One can easily hold on to a teddy bear and doze off at night. They are our mushiest and cuddliest companions. Gift it to anyone you love to put a smile on their face and to cheer them up. The feel of a teddy bear turn spreads happiness instantly.

They are the best gifts

Worried about getting rejected on your first date? Nobody can refuse a cute teddy bear! They come in different sizes and forms and they are the cutest gifts.

Teddy bear

Best way to propose

This Valentine’s week, planning to propose to the love of your life? Gift a teddy bear with a red heart to the person you love. The chances are that you won’t get no for an answer as a lovely teddy bear is a best gift when it comes to proposals.

Now, it is important to pick the right teddy, as each of them signifies different things. Here are the different meanings associated with different teddy bears:

Red teddy: Red has forever been the colour signifying love and passion. Gifting a red teddy to that loved one of yours instantly fills the air with love and romance.




Red teddy (Image source: Instagram)



Green teddy: With this one, you convey the message, ‘I’m waiting for you’. It carries strong emotional connection with it as it symbolises growth, harmony and more.

Green teddy (Image source: Instagram)


Black teddy: It is advised not to gift anyone a black teddy on Teddy day. But, if unfortunately someone that your proposed to, gifts you one, it means that they are politely declining your feelings.

Black teddy (Image source: Instagram)

Pink teddy: Now, if you've asked somebody out and they gift you a pink teddy, it means that you are officially dating!


Pink teddy (Image source: Instagram)


Blue teddy:

Gifting a blue teddy, says that your love is deep! This royal colour signifies the sky and sea (symbolising depth), truth, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, stability and trust.



Blue teddy (Image source: Instagram)


A sweet tip: Gift a teddy with a heart filled note to make the day extra special!


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