Have a Leo in your life? THESE are the 7 things you should know about EVERY Leo

Updated on Aug 14, 2019 10:52 AM IST  |  3.6M
Have a Leo in your life? THESE are the 7 things you should know about EVERY Leo

Those born under the Leo sign usually has the strongest personality in the room. They have an impressionable presence and have traits which ensure that they are good with relationships as well. They are powerful, independent and magnificent creatures and all of them share a few common personality traits which will help you figure them out. Here are a few things you need to know about every Leo born in your life!

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They got your back

If you are friends with a person born under the Leo star sign, know that they will support you no matter what and always have your back. They would never talk behind your back and instead even defend you. Call them at 2 am, and they will be there!

They love drama

They are loud in public and love when all the attention is on them at all times. Leo borns can go to any extent to ensure that they have all your attention and eyeballs around them all the time. 

They are blunt

One thing missing in Leos is their ability to lie. They are completely honest, straightforward and extremely blunt in telling you things. They will not shy away from telling the truth and possibly even hurting your feelings while doing so.

They are generous

They are over the top in all ways, including being generous. When they give, they give it all! Think over the top birthday gifts, anniversary ones and even small but expensive presents and gestures are extremely common when you are close with a Leo. 

They are possessive

Whether you are just friends with them or in a relationship with a Leo born, know that they don't like to share you. They are extremely persistent when they want to be with you and clearly need to be told a direct "no" when they are being too pushy. 

They are excellent planners

When you are hanging out with a Leo born, you should lean how to just enjoy the ride. Let them take the lead, plan everything and be in control of everything happening for that's what gives them the most joy and excitement. 

They are extremely interfering 

If you have a Leo born in your life, you should know that they can be extremely interfering to an extent where you might feel suffocated! They need to be told time and again that you need your space and that you can handle things on your own. They don't know where to draw the line and this kind of nature comes only because they are trying to help. 

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