Leo: Have a look at these 5 famous personalities that belong to this zodiac sign

Updated on Aug 04, 2021 09:17 AM IST  |  326.4K
Leo: Have a look at these 5 famous personalities that belong to this zodiac sign
Leo: Have a look at these 5 famous personalities that belong to this zodiac sign

Born between July 23 to August 22, Leos are the bravest, boldest and most fiery of all zodiac signs. Leos have a charismatic personality and can easily charm anyone they meet. They love being in the limelight and are ambitious, determined and hard-working people. Leos are never the ones to hide in a corner or be a part of the crowd, they always want to stand out and be the centre of everyone’s attention.


They are also known to be confident with sharp features and strong personalities. Have a look at some famous celebrities who belong to this zodiac sign.


Saif Ali Khan


Saif Ali Khan is someone who is a class apart. He comes from the royal family and his demeanour, aura and personality easily make him one of the most sophisticated celebrities. Like a true Leo, he is sociable, confident and outspoken.




Jennifer Lopez


Leos have a personality that is strong, charming and affable. One of the best examples of such a personality is Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Lopez is a queen in every sense and is the best in whatever she does, be it singing, acting or dancing.


Jacqueline Fernandez


Apart from having a strong personality, Leos are also incredibly hard-working and committed people. Jacqueline Fernandez is one such celebrity who never shies away from hard work. She believes in giving her best in whatever she does and is thus, the master of her craft.


Huma Qureshi


Leos are not afraid of anything. They are brave and courageous people who never back down in the face of fear. Huma Qureshi is one such Bollywood celebrity who is not afraid to speak her mind and is known to be bold, blunt and straightforward.






Madonna is a true Leo. She loves being in the limelight and is a star in literally every sense! The moment she is on stage, she owns it like no other and is easily able to grasp everyone’s attention.


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