Healing Crystals: What they are, do they actually work and everything else you need to know about them

Everybody from Miranda Kerr to Kylie Jenner and all celebrities are obsessed with these crystals. Here's all you need to know about them.
People,healing crystals,what are healing crystals,do healing crystals workHealing Crystals: What they are, do they actually work and everything else you need to know about them
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As children, everybody has been obsessed with supposedly magical things like "mood rings" and "crystal neckpieces". There's a high chance you still have them stashed at the back of your wardrobe! Seems like these mystical looking rocks are back in trend for everybody from Adele to Kylie Jenner are obsessed with them and carry these stones everywhere they go for they believe that these crystals help positive energy flow through and heal the body. 

A lot of people claim that these "power" rocks have energy and healing properties that work with our systems and keeping them close to you instills a sense of balance and calmness. They supposedly do this by positively impacting and interacting with the body's energy or "chakra" and help relieve stress, improve concentration and even creativity! 

Multiple researches have been conducted to test the power of these "healing" rocks but it was ultimately discovered by scientists that the power of these mineral rocks is in the eye of the beholder. Researchers have talked about how this could be the placebo effect which basically means that the patient or person's belief in that treatement is what is actually helping them heal, rather than the product or drug itself. 

Many of the scientists and physicians believe that the power if crystals is mainly through the placebo. 

Many doctors and healers have even started becoming more open to the idea of crystals. They believe that if their patients are connecting to something which helps in improving their state. It is almost like prescribing a vitamin tablet to a patient to help them believe that the tablet will ultimately heal them. 

But people who own crystals and believe in it, advice that it is first important to think about what aspect of life you need help with - your well-being, a breakup, moving from one place to another, peer pressure, stress, etc. and channelise those feelings, figuring out what colour and texture that suits you the best. Find out which crystal you naturally gravitate towards and stick to it. 

If you aren't feeling it, pick out a stone based on its description, for what you need help with the most. Here is what some of the most common ones help with.

Smokey quartz - Feeling safe, grounded and secure.

Rose Quartz - Opens you up to romance and love.

Citrine - Success and prosperity.

Amethyst - For soothing your emotions and clearing your mind.

And then once you have picked out the right crystal, keep it with yourself at all times. Keep it close, either in your pocket or bag or wear it as a ring or neckpiece to look more mystical and make a style statement. When you need to channelise your energy in the right way, hold on to it and take deep breaths - it will help you create a meditative zone and calm down. 

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