Here are 5 resolutions that you can still complete before welcoming New Year

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Resolutions that you can still complete
Here are 5 resolutions that you can still complete before welcoming New Year

If the guilt of failing to complete this year’s resolutions is still bothering you, fret not. From deleting all the unread and unnecessary emails to blocking your exes on social media, there are a lot of resolutions that you can still complete with only a few hours to go for New Year.

So, as you read this, make sure you make up your mind to fulfil all those long-pending resolutions and end 2021 on a happy and satisfactory note.

Here are 5 resolutions that you can still complete.

Blocking your ex

If you’re still stuck in the block-unblock game with your ex, it’s time to complete the resolution and block them once and for all. Be it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, don’t leave their mark anywhere. And yes, for God’s sake, block them from your fake IDs, too, if any. There is a reason that chapter is over in your leave and you don’t need to keep track of their new girlfriend or job, at all.

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Saying sorry and meaning it

Be it an old friend or a colleague, don’t wait any longer to apologise to the people you like. Take the initiative, say sorry and move on. Detangle all the strings between you all and make a fresh start in 2022. If need be, visit them, keeping in mind the COVID protocols, of course. Sort out your issues and hope for a better start in the New Year.

Pampering yourself

Book yourself a spa session or take yourself out on a coffee date. Fulfil your resolution of pampering yourself, at least, once. Do what you love and throw away all the regrets for today. This shall make you happy and help you in starting afresh.

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Clearing all your unread emails

You don’t need that unread email from January this year. Gather courage and delete all the unwanted emails or messages that make no sense. Keep your overthinking ability aside and just delete. Clear up the memory and make space for fresh emails and messages.

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Praising yourself

As the year comes to an end, pause and praise yourself. Appreciate your efforts. Be it completing a task before time or overcoming anxiety and stress, tell yourself how you made it till here. Also, ensure yourself that the New Year, too, will be yours and that there’s nothing you can’t do. While this may sound silly to some, it is a wise thing to do. Don’t wait for other’s to compliment yourself, be independent and do it yourself.

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